MADLY Fine Jewellery: Bespoke Jewellery for Discerning Jewellery Lovers

Familial Love — For this exceptionally rare unheated Brazilian Paraiba cabochon that glows from a mile away. A themed piece that puts this ‘Robin egg’ at the centre. A magnificent, one-of-a-kind brooch that is a powerful symbol of family.

When you walk into MADLY's boutique in Singapore, you can be sure that the jewel your heart settles on will embody the finest coloured gemstones, very high craftsmanship and a unique design that was made to tell your story, three basic tenets of this bespoke jewellery brand. With an in-house gemologist as well as a dedicated jewellery design team, MADLY promises you a bespoke piece that is uniquely tailored to you.

MADLY prides itself on only using the world’s top 0.1% of coloured gemstones and is one of the first fine jewellery brands to become members of the International Colored Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation programme, a pioneering programme in the coloured gemstone industry. At MADLY you can therefore be sure that any coloured gemstone you choose would have been mined responsibly and obtained legally, without any taint of child labour.

Under The Sea — A mystical, multi-way brooch cum pendant designed to enthralled and enchant all of us, land dwellers. A deep sea-hued trillion cut Tanzanite sparkles next to a yellow Sapphire starfish, while a clownfish glides on above. The rose gold seahorse nods his way past a 2+ carat round Diamond, tickling the corals in this stunning piece. This momentous piece even has dangles to flow with the undersea currents. Truly a one of a kind piece, fit for the daughter of Neptune himself.

However, that is just one aspect of their dedication to very high quality, handcrafted jewellery. The bespoke design process at MADLY starts with the coloured gemstone, unique, one of a kind and cut for beauty as well as brilliance by lapidary masters. Each piece is crafted either in 18K gold or platinum and is designed for elegance and durability— a MADLY piece is just as lovely worn every day as it is worn only to mark special occasions.