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The JEWELLERY PURSUER is an online-based magazine that’s dedicated to jewellery, established by Shohista Turan in 2017. Shohista has earned her multiple MSc and MBA degrees in business from the leading Universities in the UK.

She has always been passionate about fashion, photography, gemstones and anything pursued to happiness. Jewellery Pursuer's mission is to promote and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion, creating a desire within our followers for pieces featured and driving success towards jewellery brands.

Jewellery Pursuer is seeking a soul and connection between beautiful creative minds, fashion, beauty, gems and fine jewellery blog that documents her experiences, beauty secrets and everything it surrounds.

Shohista seeks to create high-quality online content for jewellery brands she works with, complemented by creative styling, and to share her authentic first-hand experiences with JEWELLERY PURSUER followers.

Shohista currently resides in the UK, originally from Central Asia, Uzbekistan and will be writing for her readers and share her discoveries with you.

On this website, you will find much valuable information, meet new jewellery designers and watch their jewellery showcases from close by.


Jewellery Pursuer
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