The Very Best of High Jewellery Pieces in 2019.

From Hollywood's celebrities to Italian love affair to the desert, medieval and animal figures were the inspirational guidance of 2019's exciting and vast high jewellery launches. It was a welcoming realm of Haute Joillerie, where extravagance and imagination knew no boundaries. The finest jewellery Maisons of the world showed off the best of their capabilities by creating not your typical fine jewellery but the precious pieces that belong to an exclusive world of luxury that call on to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, available at prices that are equally thrilling. They have created by seeking from every possible source and giving form to the jewellery of our ultimate fantasies.

Discover the beauty of the coolest high jewellery collections presented by the most well-known jewellers, each is breathtaking, bursting with luscious hues and audacious clashes of diamonds, gems, gold and extraordinary artistry.


Boucheron’s High Jewelry creations are in line with Maison’s creative spirit and remain a light of the French excellence in jewellery. The collections characterise unique connections, combining inherited crafts and novelty, noble and unforeseen materials. Boucheron's every creation becomes a unique piece that regenerates the codes of High Jewelry and crafted in the workshop at 26, place Vendôme, Paris keeps its essence of High Jewellery.


Affluent and luxurious high jewellery house demonstrates the boundless magic of Piaget's high jewellery. Piaget demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and passion for luxury jewellery. Piaget's high jewellery harbours marvels of creativity to the complement of whoever wears its rings, necklaces, earrings, pendant and bracelets. The house featured by a bold style of blending precious metals, pure gems and romantic lines, reveals all of the fantasy of the Maison. Piaget turns luxury jewellery pieces into masterworks of art by creating diamond jewellery that touches the peaks of craftsmanship. With enchanting allure, Piaget's diamond jewellery transcends personal style to fulfil the most extravagant dreams and desires.