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Yataghan, A Jewellery Brand with a Style Quite its Own

A contemporary jewellery brand, based out of the Middle East, with a name that harks back to the Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire, Yataghan Jewellery is creating waves and gaining recognition as one of the most promising independent jewellery brands to come out of the GCC. Ever since its establishment in 2008, Yataghan Jewellery has marched to its own tune. Sarah Abudawood, the founder and jewellery designer at Yataghan, has a background in graphic design, business and marketing, photography and gemmology. It is these skills and experiences that Sarah has very cohesively brought together to create a brand that finds its inspiration in Arab heritage but speaks the global language of exquisitely crafted jewellery.

As a brand, Yataghan is fully aware of the specific needs of its clients and so, their jewellery offering is divided into two distinct lines. There are the very modern fine jewellery collections - each distinct but rooted in Arabian heritage and global architectural motifs. Then there is their high jewellery line, with one-of-a-kind pieces, promising elegant opulence and timeless glamour.

Yataghan’s fine jewellery collections are extremely stylish but with a light and playful touch to them. Each collection features crisply handcrafted necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. The inspiration for the different collections come from such diverse sources as zodiac signs, traditional Saudi gold guineas and Arabic alphabets all the way to geometric shapes and Quranic verses. However, the two collections which stood out to me were the “Hurriyah” and the “Hubb” collections. Like an onomatopoeia of jewellery, both these collections represent the words they are conveying in the form of symbols which represent those very words. Are you still with me? Well, “Hurriyah” mean freedom, and this jewellery line showcases the word Hurriyah written in Arabic script but crafted as a very beautiful butterfly, a symbol of freedom. Similarly, “Hubb” which means love, is represented through Arabic calligraphy but designed to look like a heart. Unique and quite endearing, I would say.

The real fun begins when one starts to layer these pieces. Layering is the cornerstone of the brand’s fine jewellery collections since it allows the wearer to explore and develop their own sense of style. For instance, wearing a Hubb necklace with a “Burji” zodiac bracelet or wearing different iterations of the Hubb necklaces with the Ginea (gold guinea) bracelets, comprise two totally different but equally appealing looks. The options are limitless, and it only requires a little creativity and imagination to really soar with these jewellery pieces.

The hallmark of Yataghan’s high jewellery collection is exclusivity and timeless charm, presented in the form of Haute joaillerie pieces. Sparkling white diamonds are set into one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, each bearing Sarah’s distinctive design aesthetic. With a roster of clients that includes HRH Queen Rania of Jordan and many other stellar personages, the pieces crafted at Yataghan’s High Jewellery atelier have become one of the most sought after, over the years.

Rooted in Arabic traditions and heritage but looking outwards to the rest of the world, Yataghan Jewellery is a brand which promises high quality and meaningful jewellery pieces which speak to the modern woman of the 21st Century. With two separate jewellery lines as well as a confident, bold sense of style, Yataghan has successfully managed to create a special niche for itself in the world of fine and high jewellery.


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