Yana Nesper Jewellery; A Fine Jewellery Brand Which Speaks to Your Personality

The portrait of Yana Nesper

Yana Nesper Jewellery is an internationally renowned fine jewellery brand with a focus on pearls. The pearls featured in their jewellery pieces are nothing if not exceptional. Lustrous, with smooth, unblemished surfaces, Yana Nesper Jewellery showcases only the highest quality cultured pearls, both of salt water and freshwater origin. Each and every piece produced at their Pforzheim jewellery workshop is adorned with only the finest pearls.

Award Winning jewellery designer and founder of this eponymous brand, Yana Nesper is a pearl expert herself, who for the past twenty years, has been running her family’s pearl import business Heinz Nesper GmbH with her husband, Frank. However, in 2010, Yana started designing pearl jewellery under her own label, combining her love and knowledge of pearls with her need to have jewellery pieces that complemented the lifestyle of the modern, twenty-first century woman.

Yana finds her jewellery design inspiration in modern and classical music, fashion, art and travel. She designs her pearl jewellery pieces for women who are independent and living life to the fullest. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, these pieces are designed to be worn everyday, from day into night. They are contemporary with a surprising edginess to them, allowing the wearer to make a bold and unique statement.

What I find most appealing about this brand is the exquisite marriage of elegance and style in every piece. There is a refreshing minimalism in the designs which allows the pearls to be the focal point. The clean lines and precise craftsmanship makes you want to explore this brand further. Another very interesting thing about Yana Nesper Jewellery is their signature trademark-there is a blue sapphire embedded in one pearl every piece of jewellery. Bezel-set in an 18K gold frame, the sapphire is a guarantee of uncompromising quality and sets this brand apart.