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VicenzaOro: Trade show that celebrated its 70th birthday: Heritage for Tomorrow

I kicked off the year 2024 by visiting Vicenzaoro in Italy, the first trade show of 2024. It's such a wonderful experience, especially being part of the golden celebration, the 70th anniversary of the show. My visit to the show exceeded all expectations, with the Italian Exhibition Group, under the leadership of Marco Carniello. The show brought so many emerging brands, as well as established brands and international brands, technology gurus, gemstones, timepieces, vintage pieces and many more. The five-day show has brought a record-breaking performance and exceeded all the most optimistic prior expectations of the Vicenza - Italy gold and jewellery exhibition’s 70th anniversary. 

Some happy faces in the jewellery world

Here are some of the reports from the show that you can glance at.

  • The Vicenzaoro's January numbers are outstanding with international attendance at a rise at 60%of the total arriving from 141 countries around the world, up from 136 in 2023. Europe counts the most represented individual countries overall: the United States and Turkey; from Europe Spain, Germany, France, Greece, and the UK; from the Middle East the United Arab Emirates, while standing out from Asia are India, China, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. The largest increases are from China (+188%), Japan (+44%), Colombia (+38%), Brazil (+36%) and France (+25%). Among the new entries at Vicenzaoro: are Tanzania, El Salvador, and Honduras. Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany, and Piedmont confirm an extremely positive trend for Italian attendance, which saw an overall increase of 3.2% compared to 2023.

  • T. GOLD ON THE RISE - At this edition, T.Gold, the leading international innovation showcase featuring the most advanced machinery for goldsmithing and the latest processes applied to gold and jewellery, organized in partnership with A.F.E.M.O., saw a 4.7% increase in attendance. More than 1,300 exhibiting brands.

  • Attendance of students has increased to more than 490 students at the 20 events in the city’s VIOFF programme.

  • More than 1,300 exhibiting brands

  • Technologies: T.Gold, a showcase of top products for the supply chain. In 2025, the first edition of “The Vicenza Symposium”, a global scientific event.

  • Watchmaking segment consolidated with TIME for B2B. Visitors to VO Vintage up 13%

Roberto Coin, Antonini Jewellery, Vhernier, Jor Jewellery, and Faberge's new jewellery pieces on display

The report did indeed reflect on the show, and I have seen a lot of students coming to the show, many people queuing up for the show and the Vo vintage section of the show was buzzing. It was rather interesting to check out on made in Italy gold jewellery pieces as well as vintage at the Vo vintage section of the show. My first day started with me visiting jewellery appointments with the brands and ended with a grand opening and dinner. It was such a long day with so many people to catch up and so many new things to catch up on. I was mainly walking between halls 2, 7, and 8 between international brands like Fope, Roberto Coin, Faberge, Maria Camilli Jewellery, and many other jewellery designers's booths. VicenzaOro has 8 Halls, spread over 4 floors. The designer booth, where new jewellery designers such as Alessio Boschi, Sebastian Plah, Antonini Jewellery and many new designers have showcased their jewellery. 

On the second day of the show all the press team gathered to get to know each other, building networking and listening to Marco Carniello's talk, the show's leader. I have met some new faces and some old friends in the industry. I joined some talks that were dedicated to Vicenzaoro's 70th anniversary. To be honest, this event was the most fun and joyful show I have experienced as a part of a big media group also celebrating Vicenzaoro's 70th anniversary. The most intriguing part was joining Vherner's grandiose dinner after the show. I got to meet up with Vhernier's creative designers and talked to Isabella Traglio Vhernier. I also had a chance to check out Vherneir's booth and the new launch of their new jewellery. Here are some of the display photos from the Vhernier booth.

Vhernier booth where they have introduced their new jewellery launches

On the third day of the show, I went to the diamond pavilion on request by Indian natural diamond manufacturer Hary Krishna Exports. This is the part I seem to never have discovered and this time it was the best opportunity and get to know more about the diamond cuts, clarity and many more. Yes, you can say that one day is not sufficient to have full knowledge of the diamonds, but this was at least a starting point for me. This super starling and powerful shine and lustre is just so indulging that you can easily spend hours in the diamond pavilion without noticing. I promised that I would be discovering more of the diamonds and gemstones pavilion moving forward.

Here are some beautiful diamonds by Hary Krishna Export.

To wrap up Vicenzaoro's January show edition I can say it's a must-visit show. And the vast platform to discover and find everything you need from packaging to golds, gemstones, and jewellery you name a few for the jewellery aficionados. I hope to be back for the September edition and discover the Gemstones, Diamonds pavilions as well as gold sections. 


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