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The Joy of Living: A Refined High Jewellery Expert Maison J'OR Shapes the Beauty

The beauty is not just about appearances. It is about the form of craftsmanship that one must know how to create and shape. J'OR Maison is known for its exceptional ability to create authentic beauty that is a perfect blend of skill and expertise. Each piece of jewellery is a testament to its use of rare materials and precious stones that merge to create a stunning masterpiece. J'OR's exclusive jewels embody the pleasure of experiencing true luxury. When you wear a piece of J'OR jewellery, you are wearing a work of art that is as unique as you are. Experience the refined fusion of expertise and preciousness with J'OR Maison. Maison J'OR has been a go-to destination for jewellery lovers since 1986. Made in Italy, the company's founders have focused on crafting fine jewellery that combines expertise, poetry, and colourful designs blending with legendary Italian goldsmithing, combining innovation and keeping the old tradition alive. The company's unwavering commitment to ethical practices, centred around prioritising people, is the cornerstone of the company's success. Their iconic handmade collections are a testament to the brand's refined taste and dedication to quality and the 'Joie de vivre' (The Joy of Living) of today's world.

18k rose gold necklace and a ring from the Lilium collection by J’OR Jewels, set with pink and orange sapphires, rubies, diamonds and mother of pearl

One must admit that Italian jewellery celebrates Made-in-Italy leadership, Design, Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology. Maison J'OR falls into every criterion with the impressive manufacturing, hand-finishing and quintessential Italian passion that seems to seed itself in a piece that shares an extra touch of joy and beauty, a vibrant life of colour and light. Do you have a soft spot for Made-in-Italy Jewellery? We all do don't we? Especially, if this is Maison J'OR, theirs is a fluid journey between colour and design, modernity and new portability of a precious elegance that is always recognisable and exclusive.

Maison J'OR was born twenty years ago, at the gates of the Eternal City, by Attilio Gelpi and his wife Barbara Gelpi in a joint desire to create the jewels that channel a versatile beauty that embodies the perfect blend of manufacturing excellence and poetic expression. It is an embodiment of contemporary design and portability, with a touch of elegance that is always exclusive and recognisable. The idea of a living jewel that can adapt to the individual's freedom of space and time without any restrictions or preconceptions has been enriched over the years with new energy. This is thanks to Lorenzo and Filippo, their sons who continue to bring new ideas and concepts to the table

With the world-class manufacturing company, OroProject, J'OR Jewels has been evolving from a goldsmith's atelier into a distinctive high jewellery brand since 1986.

Today, Lorenzo and Filippo, two sons of Attilio and Barbara, are the new sources of inspiration for the Maison, with the new challenges and the new visions of the luxury ethos they are leading the business. Together, they have achieved a perfect balance between creating striking and bold designs without compromising on comfort or practicality. The J'OR collection is centred around the concept of "The Joy of Living" which can be worn without any limitations or expectations. I think this means that a J'OR piece enhances and shapes my personality without feeling to change for the beautiful jewellery. Each item is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans employed by the Maison, who take pride in their work and ability to innovate while respecting tradition with the highest quality standards.

At J'OR, every project starts as an idea, takes shape and becomes a jewel. My observation of their jewellery at Vicenzaoro was like indulging in the splendour of extraordinary gems that exude taste and class. J'OR's unique jewellery pieces are crafted with the highest quality standards and impeccable aesthetics. Every diamond and precious stone has been carefully handpicked for its mysterious allure, while the use of titanium and gold, along with their unmatched craftsmanship, creates an alchemy of authentic wonder that becomes a true work of art. J'OR's contemporary designs are a perfect synthesis of rarity and culture, making them icons of the J'OR Maison's unique style. Every piece is bright and joyful and represents the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

I must admit that I fell in love with a bracelet and ring from the J’OR Jewels Fluid collection. The piece is predominantly made of titanium and gold and is embellished with diamonds, which contribute to its exceptional design. Maison J’OR seems to have a talent for complementing the body's shape as they claim to shape the beauty, resulting in sensuous and comfortable jewellery that feels like a second skin. It's incredibly difficult to calculate the right length, curve, angle, and shape of a ring to enhance a woman's natural beauty, so what J’OR achieves is distinctive with ergonomics and inlay of techniques.

A model wears a Fluid bracelet and Fluid ring from the J’OR Jewels Fluid collection, crafted in blue titanium and set with diamonds.

This particular collection showcases an inlaid Grey mother-of-pearl cut out, set on 18 kt rose gold with 15.71 cts of natural diamonds beautifully featuring 38.08 cts of Kunzite on the collection. The collection is made up of a necklace, ring and earrings crafted in 18k rose gold. The Italian Gothic art enchants with its captivating use of lines, colors, and artisan techniques, which create astonishing works of art. One of the masterpiece pieces by J'OR!

J'OR is presenting its new collection Gothica, at Haute Jewels Geneva  between the 8th - and 15th of April, if you are around you can discover and try on J’OR jewellery.

A model is wearing J"OR jewels Gothica earrings, ring and necklace made with Natural diamonds, Gray mother of pearl cutout, and Kunziti

The Maison J'OR with the Oroproject Italia manufacturer gives life to the jewels of tomorrow. At Oroproject works with the world's most acclaimed jewellery designers to bring the J'OR's dreams to life. From team developing projects with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they align with the brand's style to expertise, they can fulfil any request you have and bring your vision to reality. You must trust them to deliver exceptional results that will leave a lasting impression. Oroproject Italia is a world-class manufacturing team of professional master goldsmiths and tutors with years of experience whose skills are well-known in the world of luxury.




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