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Van Cleef & Arpels Celebrates The Poetry of Time with New Complications.

The Maison #VanCleefArpels has created new stories from its hallmark sources of inspiration to celebrate the return of its distinctive Poetry of Time. This vision of watchmaking, imbued with fantasy & emotions, is brought to life through the display of an immersive journey from the heart of enchanting nature to the heavenly vault. Remarkable for their association of materials each piece is the theatre for dialogue, at the crossroads of jewellery, #watch & traditional craft skills.

Poetic Complication: - Poetic Complication watch provides a unique vision of time, in which savair-faire & technical prowess combine to bring stories to life. Their complex #swissmade mechanisms offer precious moments of emotion, inculcate with Van Cleef & Arpel's distinctive style. With 3 exceptional pieces that blend watchmaking knowledge & #jewellery saviour - faire Van Cleef & Arpels continues its history of automata. Poetic astronomy an invitation to live in a time with the cosmos has a virtuoso automaton performing the ballet of the planets, while 2 other objects reflect the life of nature with extraordinary elegance. Two new timepieces in the Van Cleef & Arpels & Arpels Poetic Complication. Flowers grab the secret of time behind exquisite petals on their dials, their corollas blooming all day.

Lady Arpels Heures Florales & Lady Arpels Heures Florales Cerisier: - Inspired by the floral clock concept imagined by Carl Von Linne in 1751, the lady Arpels Heures. Florales Cerisier offers a poetic execution of the passage of time, thanks to a special module opening & closing the 12 corollas on their 3- dimensional dial to create a lyrical depiction of the passage of time. Telling the time becomes a spectacle, as the flowers blossom & close, renewing the scenery every 60 minutes. The watch displays a spring-like image with ethereal blue butterflies emblematic of Van Cleef & Arpels fluttering between the pink & red corollas, in a striking relief effect. The lady Arpels Heures Florales & lady present a true bejewelled garden inside a 38mm case, in white & rose gold.


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