Up to the Minute Jewellery Trends for Ramadan and Keeping an Eye out for Eid ul Fitr

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world come together in the acts of fasting, alms giving and prayer. The last ten nights, the Qiyam al Layl, also mark an especially spiritual part of the month, a celebration of sorts in itself. However, with Ramadan also comes preparations for the Eid Festival when women have the perfect excuse to buy beautiful jewellery. This Ramadan, some exceptional, fine jewellery brands have made it easy and fun for women to discover and develop their very own personal jewellery styles.

Yatagan Jewellery

Yataghan Jewellery is a Dubai based brand, with beautifully crafted jewellery pieces finding their inspiration in Arabian heritage, world architecture and calligraphy. A particularly appealing feature of this brand is the attractive option to layer their pieces, instantly creating a look which is both personal as well as elegant. Yataghan’s calligraphy necklaces speak to the spirit of this Holy Month. From the reversible Allah necklaces to the personalized Harfi and Isme, these jewellery pieces are imbued with modernity yet speak directly to the soul.

Lulwa Fine Jewellery