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Toktam – Conceptual Art Translated into Fine Jewellery

Story Telling Through Compellingly Beautiful Jewellery Art

Taking inspiration from the intricate patterns of #Persian silk carpets and the blue tiles domes of Isfahan’s mosques as well as the vast open spaces of the Arabian desert and the shimmering steel and glass skyscrapers of Dubai, Toktam Fine Jewelry exquisitely translates an idea into bejewelled reality. Jewellery designer Toktam Shekarriz’s eponymous jewellery brand is a love letter to the Middle East’s contemporary #art and architecture, imbued with nostalgia from her Persian childhood.

Based in Dubai, Toktam’s vision for her jewellery brand is to create pieces that stand out for their uniqueness. All the jewellery pieces at Toktam Fine Jewelry tell a story that brings together the jewellery designer, the jewellery craftsmen and the jewellery wearer into a single narrative, written in precious metals and exceptional gemstones.

An artist at heart, Toktam’s jewellery journey began when she moved to Canada for a short spell to study gemmology at the École de Gemmologie de Montréal. Working with gemstones continued to fascinate her, #Toktam found herself irresistibly drawn to jewellery design. This led her to pursue a degree in jewellery design and making from the École Joaillerie de Montréal.

Kahkeshan Collection

Moving back to Dubai, Toktam decided to launch a jewellery brand for the modern woman of today, dedicated to honouring her Persian heritage and the Arabian influences she had grown up around, but which was also distilled with her love for contemporary art and architecture. Today, Toktam Conceptual Art Jewelry stands for bold glamour and undeniable individuality.

From bespoke commissions to her fine jewellery collections, Toktam is closely involved in every stage of the jewellery design and crafting process. The brand’s jewellery workshop is located minutes away from Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park. At the atelier, a team of ten very skilled goldsmiths and jewellery artisans seamlessly work with Toktam to craft intricate works of jewelled art.

Rose Collection

Toktam’s one-of-a-kind pieces come from clients who trust her to give their long-loved, bejewelled family heirlooms a contemporary aspect or who want a custom piece made for them in Toktam’s distinctive design style.

However, her fine jewellery collections are inspired by the concepts and ideas she holds most dear. Her latest fine jewellery collection, Ashkal, which in Arabic means shapes, conceptually weaves together the beauty of Ain Dubai, the structural distinction of Burj Al Arab and the palpable expressionism of the Dubai Frame, to create gold and diamond bracelets that are modern in design but suffused with the essence an ancient cultural heritage. The geometric precision of the techniques and the impeccable craftsmanship of these bracelets is matched by the brilliant sparkle of diamonds, evoking the glittering, light-filled skyline of modern Dubai.

Ophidian Collection

Another equally riveting collection, Ophidian, is a study of fluidity and movement in jewellery design. Interlocking coils of textured 18k gold set with diamonds echo the sinuous curves of a serpent, a motif that has inspired and enthralled jewellery lovers since antiquity. Highlighted by coloured gemstones, the pieces from the Ophidian collection are bold and remarkably expressive.

Rose Collection

By contrast, the Rose collection looks at life through a softer lens. This collection is an ode to the pink roses of Qamsar, a suburb of Tehran, that riotously bloom in spring filling the air with their sweet, heady fragrance. Just like their namesake, the delicate pieces of the Rose collection, are an exceptional bouquet of brilliant-cut diamond flowers fashioned in rose gold.

Kahkeshan Collection

The Kahkeshan collection can best be described as a scintillating journey into the infinite mysteries cosmos. At once lyrical and enigmatic, sapphires and diamonds bring to mind the allure of the night sky.

Fine jewellery, where the thought behind a piece defines it, is highly interpretive and meaningful. At Toktam Conceptual Art Jewelry, every jewellery piece is a story unto itself, an epic that is both remarkable in scope yet quite personal at its core.


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