Timeless High Jewellery Pieces with a Social Conscience

Jet d'Eau collection, The Ring Numéro 2, Golconda diamonds, type IIA, 3.75 carats antique cushion-cut, internally flawless D-colour diamond.

If you are thinking of getting an exquisite piece of jewellery for the Holidays, but something that also serves a higher purpose, look no further than House of Geneva. The Maison, based in Geneva, creates a limited number of one-of-a-kind, high jewellery pieces, each year. Each piece is handcrafted by Genevan craftsmen who have brought the 18th- century heritage of cabinetries into 21st-century Haute joaillerie. Nevertheless, what really sets the Maison apart, is its dedication to responsibly sourced gems and ethical precious metals.

House of Geneva's founding family traces its history to Gujarat, India, more than a hundred years ago. However, over the span of four generations, it has gone from being a predominantly diamond cutting and coloured gemstone trading business, to a High Jewellery House. In a sense, the House of Geneva was founded as a synergistic fusion of the Swiss heritage of high craftsmanship and the family legacy of its founders.

As supporters of the Swiss PX Impact's initiative for "ethical gold", every ounce of this precious metal used at the Maison's atelier is responsibly produced and environmentally sustainable. Mined without the use of mercury in Peru and refined in several facilities in Switzerland, the gold used in House of Geneva's jewellery is highly traceable. Similarly, the diamonds and coloured gemstones used in their jewellery pieces are purchased from reliable and known sources. The House's commitment to using only natural diamonds goes hand in hand with their compliance with the Kimberley Process. Interestingly, they are also a vegan brand- no animal by-products are ever used in the production of their pieces, down to their jewellery boxes which are handmade in Geneva using only vegan raw materials which, again, can be fully tracked.

"We continue to work with the families we have traded with for many generations. Each gemstone and diamond we select and purchase has a unique story. These beautiful gems are the heart of our pieces, and we shine the light their one-of-a-kind journey. We believe in passing down savoir-faire and knowledge, an aspect close to our heart present in all our creations. Our jewellery boxes are also handcrafted and individually lacquered, in Geneva's finest atelier". - House of Geneva