The Swiss Haute joaillerie the Maison specialising in designing bespoke and one-of-a-kind jewels.

'Our desire is to offer luxury that makes sense, by introducing sustainable values in our vision of Haute Joaillerie' - House of Geneva

House of Geneva, a recently established Genevan jewellery house, is a by-appointment-only showroom which opened in 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. The House specialises in creating exclusive, bespoke, and luxurious pieces with the finest quality materials available. Ethically sourced gold, responsibly sourced diamonds, unique gemstones and the finest Genevan craftsmen come together to create timeless and refined jewellery for you and for many generations to come.

Each bespoke piece is tailored to the customer's unique desires, with the attention of expert gemologists and craftsmen. A passion for unique and rare gemstones at its core, House of Geneva is breaking out into the jewellery world with full force. The Maison's jewellery is destined to become famous for its record-breaking stones and avant-garde design - we just can't get enough!

A passion for the finest quality gemstones is at the core of House of Geneva's identity.