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The Twilight Collection- The Argyle Pink Diamonds' Last Hurrah!

Green and Argyle Pink Diamond ring, Paradise collection, L.J.West Diamonds

With the closure of the Argyle Diamond mine in Australia in November 2020, a very important chapter in world diamond history came to an end. With this very thought in mind, New York City based diamantaires Scott West (lead jewellery designer for Scott West Jewelry and vice president of its parent company L.J.West Diamonds) and Jordan Fine (president of J. Fine Diamonds), both of whom specialise in very fine coloured diamonds decided to collaborate on, a limited-edition diamond jewellery collection from their own inventory of Argyle pink diamonds. This is how the Twilight Collection came to be.

Argyle Pink Diamond Saddle Ring; J. Fine Diamonds

The Twilight Collection boasts the pinnacle of the Argyle diamonds from both diamantaires. Featuring diamonds that are richly saturated in colour and have a very strong provenance and with pieces handcrafted in New York City by the finest jewellery craftsmen, the Twilight Collection consists of several mini collections, each with its own story. For instance, the Sakura Collection is an homage to Cherry Blossoms, those lovely pink flowers that fleetingly light up our lives once every year.Similarly, the Paradise Collection is a nod to the pristine waters of the Caribbean, where green diamonds from artisanal diamond mines in Brazil are paired with strongly hued pink Argyle diamonds, to create marvellous jewellery pieces with riveting colours. Another notable mini collection is the Butterfly collection. Here white and pink diamonds come together in the butterfly motif, a symbol for change, growth and optimism.

Pendant, Sakura Pink Collection; Scott West for L.J. West Diamonds

However, one of the most iconic pieces of this collection is the ring showcasing the Hidden Princess , a 2 carat SI vivid pink princess cut diamond, which was sold by Argyle in their 2003 tender. This diamond, with its deeply saturated colour, is truly a one-of-a-kind gem.

The Argyle Awakening Ring; J . Fine Diamonds

Pink diamonds due to their rarity are one of the most expensive coloured diamonds and with the closure of the Argyle mine, pink diamonds, for the foreseeable future are going to become a scarce gem. Nevertheless, the Twilight collection gives jewellery lovers a chance to be part of the history of pink diamonds and its sparkling Argyle chapter.

Flora ring with 1.04 ct. Argyle fancy intense purplish pink diamond: J. Fine Diamonds

The jewellery pieces from the collection will be available for in person viewing and purchase at several retail outlets around the US, according to a predetermined by schedule. However, the entire collection is also available for viewing through its Look Book available at Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Argyle Motif Collection; Scott West for L.J. West Diamonds


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