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The Art of the Maestro Davide Maule

I was particularly lucky to meet Davide Maule. The first time we met it was in a desert Venice in July. I still remember an empty Piazza San Marco and when Davide asked me to wear “The Sea in Winter” pendant for a while I closed my eyes and I felt lost in the immensity of a dark lagoon in a cold day in Venice.  That day I realized that I had in front of me an artist whose hands are capable to model and shape in a magic way wonderfully sculpted jewels that projects you out of time and fashion.

Davide is not only a simple designer or jeweller, he is a real Goldsmith Master of ancient art which is handed down from father to son. He personally creates his works of art from the model until the final result. His education was at the highness of his brilliant talent: he grew up in Valenza, the Italian capital of jewellery and there he had his Master in Goldsmith Art. Later, he also earned a Master in Jewellery Design and a specialization in Gemmology. But Davide’s art is much more than that. He is a Demiurge who knows how to transform raw materials, gold, metals and precious stones into an unparalleled sensory and tactile experience. By wearing his jewels you can feel the timeless beauty of a work that will remain imperishable. Most of his creations are one-of-a-kind pieces and every single jewel is totally created by Davide: he personally takes care of his works from the initial design to the finished product. I present here some of his unique pieces: the “Treasures of the Sea”, a stunning pendant in 18kt gold, freshwater baroque pearl, white diamonds and blue sapphires.

Davide has a special relationship with the enchanted Venice and he realized the “Venezia” ring on private request. The ring represents some details of Venetian Architecture. There are some motifs of Ducal Palace and the stones – central Tanzanite, diamonds and blue sapphires – recall the sea and the sky of Venice.

The Art of Davide Maule is varied and recently I admired at his exhibition at Maina Museum in Caslano, Switzerland, an amazing brooch in 18kt gold, with a hand-carved peony in rose coral, tsavorites and diamonds. This brooch belongs to the Precious Garden collection and is a unique piece.

However, as Davide says, the true luxury is owning something unique created exclusively for you, I had the honour to admire the goldfish that was realized for Sergio Maina Museum in Switzerland. The fish is a sculpted jewel in gold 18kt, 192 diamonds 9.32kt, 1 ruby 5.90kt, sapphires 3.20kt, 1 emerald 0.65kt. This masterpiece was inspired by a very well-known movie in Switzerland that tells the story of a robbery of a precious fish at the Fishing Museum in Caslano. Luckily the gang failed its purpose. Later on, the fish was moved to Sergio Maina Museum. Who knows the end…

The sculpture the Frog Prince is a ring in 18kt gold, black onyx, emeralds, tsavorites, ruby and diamonds. This frog seems to be so lively and expresses vitality and dynamism.

I would like to leave you without any words with this spectacular Arlequin ring: look how the colours of this 8.65-carat baroque opal change under your gaze. This opal is a very important stone which required a lot of research and is capable to arise our stupefaction.

This unique jewel unites perfection and irregularity. A dream for every woman.

Enjoy even more @ Davide Maule Jewels


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