The Luxury Jewellery: Jewellery designer Ananya on her most recent jewellery collection and plans.

The luxury jewellery designer Ananya talks us through about Ananya as a brand and unveils her new collection "The Scatter" as well as her inspiration and plans. Born into a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry, the winner of Suffragettes Design Award, Ananya began to develop an ideology about beauty as a powerful energy, and expressive vibration and a sensual awareness that resonates with the essence of life. Ananya teaches to experience the world of gems and precious stones by her jewels, the knowledge to bring the right energies that help enhance one’s state of being.

Find out our discussion with Ananya below and the brand's upcoming plans;

Jewellery Pursuer: Who's Ananya and how did you start your eponymous label?

Ananya: Ananya translates into ‘unique’ in Hindi, and this is reflected in both our designs and the brand’s overarching mission: to create jewellery that has no equivalent: in beauty,

craftsmanship and meaning.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins and GIA, I founded Ananya with a wish to celebrate the history and emotional value that jewellery carries. For me, behind every piece of jewellery is a story and I seek to remind my jewellery's wearers of this and celebrate it to the full.

Each design is a reverent and respectful interpretation of Indian spiritual heritage and values, expressed through a contemporary design that crosses geographical borders and cultural boundaries.