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Amanqi Consultancy goes to Paris

Yet again in a few days, the Amanqi Consultancy is at Paris fashion week with their amazing line-up of eight exciting Middle Eastern designers coming to Hotel National des Arts et Metiers from 2 - 4 March in Paris. To discover the best-emerging talents from the Middle Eastern designers within the fine jewellery category with Amanqi’s third around Paris Fashion week visit Amanqi at the showroom and get to know the latest designs, intricate pieces and new-age concepts in the realms of fine jewellery, fashion and luxury accessories.


Born to an entrepreneurial family, Karina Choudhrie is the founder of K&Co, a jewellery design house based in London dedicated to the creation of bejewelled masterpieces. Karina’s decision to be a jewellery artist at the age of 16 and comprising her journey to Mumbai, Dubai, California and London is reflected in the bold use of colour and composition. Her creation of producing about 70 unique jewels a year, alongside several collections all with recycled gold and every jewel goes through eight rounds of polishing to achieve the mirror finish that has become K&Co’signature. Today brand’s clients include collectors from Russia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, India, Brazil and America, as well as Middle Eastern royalty.

K&Co Rubilight Cuff with diamonds

Seema Somani

Seema Somani is the perfect example of glitz and glamour. The house creating fine bespoke and personalised statement jewels since 1999. Seema Somani Luxe Jewels are the definition of modern-day opulence. The eponymous label initially specialised in bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewellery, before launching her signature collections. The brand designs statement pieces to make its wearer feel confident and empowered.

A personalised Wraparound Diamond Bracelet and Gold Bracelet necklaces

Azza Fine Jewellery

Azza Fine jewellery was formed by the designer Azza Al-Hujari’s childhood imaginative world in mythology, history and especially the connection between the island she has grown up in and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Azza always believed that the island was “magical”, with historical evidence of civilizations dating back to 4000 BC confirming her beliefs. Working as a senior legal consultant Azza believed and searched for real life, the life to preserve and treasure her island’s magic. Her fascination with nature, culture and talismanic Jewellery guided her into jewellery design. Azza treasures her culture for her continued inspiration, the culture where Jewellery is a part of your daily life, and diamonds are welcome to breakfast. Her designs contemplate a dance which shifts between this mystical island and modern life. With Bahrain’s notorious reputation throughout history for its gold and natural pearls, Azza had taken advantage of the opportunity to find a better medium to preserve the magic of her island. Azza launched her Fine Jewellery Line in 2012 after graduating from the Gemological Institute of America.

Eden Dream: made with natural emeralds, diamonds, natural Bahraini pearls and gold jewellery

Tariq Riaz

Internationally renowned, both for being a designer and fine jeweller Tariq Riaz creates jewellery by capturing the essence of movement in one single moment effortlessly. Tariq’s jewellery not only fuse with culture, science, design and art, but each one of the jewellery pieces tells a story whether that is one of nature, culture or simply the individual who is wearing the piece. Tariq is known for using the finest of materials in his creation and his team of skilled craftsmen utilise state-of-the-art technology as well as designing unique pieces that are remarkably engineered pieces. Based in New York with a workshop in Abu Dhabi, Tariq's craftsmen are not afraid to experiment and play to create and celebrate the endless possibilities in design and science. The result is work that is both beautiful and uncommonly wearable.

Creating innovative jewellery is a thing for Tariq Riaz and his designs exceed the boundaries and limitations. Internationally acclaimed for its excellence in design and manufacture Tariq Riaz has won multiple awards in significant industry competitions in the US, including the JCK Best of the Best Awards, AGTA Spectrum Awards, and Instore Magazine, which named him the Cindy Edelstein Memorial Emerging Designer of 2021 for the past two years. Tariq Riaz is the one who definitely must be on your radar with the most gorgeous jewellery pieces.

Circle of Life rings, Tariq Riaz

Claudia Mae

Inspiring designer Claudia Mae Fine Jewellery was born out of Claudia's love and appreciation for art, life, travel, animals, and the spectacular coloured gemstones she sources for her pieces. Claudia is driven by the idea that jewellery should tell a story and hold meaning not only it should be beautiful. With Claudia's creation, you can always notice a strong focus on quality and tradition, with an eye for pattern and distinction and something unique and personal to the wearer. After graduating from the Gemological Institution of America and apprenticing, Claudia designed and made her first ever jewellery piece "Nomad Ring". The ring later becomes the brand's signature ring, a distinctive marriage and aesthetics and personal story. Claudia Mae introducing her newest collection - Story Beads. This unique, Story Beads collection is a testament to designer Claudia Mae's commitment to creating meaningful, sentimental pieces.

Claudia Mae Jewelry - Story Beads Collection

Bleu Concept

Blue Concept paving the way for innovation and creativity like no other, the founder of Bleu Concept, a fine jewellery brand with a unique aesthetic, Maryam Khalid embraces each piece of jewellery as a reflection of her creative vision and intricate design knowledge. Homegrown and championing the landscape of the region, Bleu Concept's debut collection is here to sparkle and shine.

Blue enamel x Diamond, Blue enamel x Full diamond pieces by Bleu Concept

Kaltham's Pavilion:

Designer Kaltham Al Majid crafts fine jewellery pieces that not only represent Qatari culture and traditions elegantly and memorably. Full of colour and verve, Kaltham’s Pavilion Jewellery pieces are underscored by their unique silhouettes and fine craftsmanship. The jewellery pieces brim with symbolism and makes unforgettable jewelled statements. Each piece is created with the finest quality and the highest level of craftsmanship. Whether it is her Enchanted Butterfly Earrings or Aqua Pearl Gardenia collection, each one of Kaltham's pieces plays with the idea of contemporary yet timeless jewels. Kaltham's Pavillion collections crafted using the finest of pearls, diamonds, precious stones and 18K gold, bring together the best of the jewellery world and merge it with a sense of intricacy like no other.

Kaltham's Pavilion Jewels with sapphires, diamonds and features 18kt gold

Marvva Fine Jewelry:

Turkish fine jewellery label, Marvva, has been at the forefront of creating spectacular designs, intricate details and spectacular jewellery. Her collections, Ladybug and Daisy have quickly gained recognition for their nuanced design and wearability.

Daisy and eye collection, Marvva


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