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Tales of Gems: Debut of the first jewellery collection


Founded by Emirati designer and entrepreneur Shaima Nasser, the topaz-based fine jewellery brand, Tales of Gems is creating major jewellery treasures since its formation. The brand has debuted its first Topaz jewellery collection recently. The collection comprises of five sub-collections that all interpret this semi-precious stone across some of its most iconic cuts. Tales of Gems celebrates a different gem with each new collection. The brand is for women of all ages from any origin or colour. Unique, modern and simple pieces that effortlessly compliment any outfit and timeless design aesthetic with a contemporary twist.

Read my full interview with Tales of Gems below;

Tales of Gems: Eternal emerald bracelet and ring set in 18 kt gold and emerald cut topaz

Jewellery Pursuer: How did you get started in the industry?

Tales of Gems: I have had a deep interest in jewellery and gemstones for a very long time. I lived in Germany for about 6 years, a country where you can get so much inspiration from jewellery historians, gemstone cutters and goldsmiths. I’ve been a mom and a housewife for the last decade of my life, and in the last 3 years, I finally thought of doing something which I’m really passionate about. It all started as a deep interest in the stones and jewels so I decided to take a couple of courses just out of interest where I studied, Diamond Grading, Gemstones Grading and Jewellery Design and immediately fell in love. After that, I started to travel and buy some stones, design for friends and family for about 2 years, the positive feedback and the requests I got made me think of growing the business, and I’m so happy that I did.

JP: Did your life lead you to launch your jewellery line?

TG: Yes, Living in Germany as mentioned, has played a big part in me pursuing my dreams and gave me a lot to add to my jewellery through the country’s rich history in design and stone cutting. I would like to add that I’m very lucky I’m surrounded by the best friends and family who played a big part in supporting me to launch the brand.

Tales of Gems, Eternal Emerald Earring, Ring & Necklace: with detachable RB diamonds and Emerald cut white Topaz crafted in 18k yellow gold

JP: How do your origins influence your designs?

TG: Dubai is known as the City of Gold. Since childhood, we’ve always been exposed to beautiful jewellery, big sets clustered with diamonds and gemstones. Jewellery is known in our culture as a form of appreciation and respect. Recently, people started to convert towards more simple everyday jewellery. The love of gold and diamonds with the enhancement of the gemstone is one of our major sources of inspiration while designing. In my designs, I did try to give that elegance and flair to the pieces whilst preserving the piece for an everyday life ornament.

JP: What are your other sources of inspiration?

TG: I believe in going through how jewellery designs have been created and how they have evolved throughout history. It is inspiring to combine both antiquity and modernism to create a new line of jewellery. Fashion, clothing and jewellery complement one another to create the perfect look. This is so inspiring.

Tales of Gems: Asscher-cut Topaz studs adorned with RB diamonds in 18k gold

JP: Which jewellery designers do you admire?

TG: In the jewellery industry, there are a lot of brands exceeding our expectations. I love Bulgaria for their designs, patterns and strong stone collaboration, Van Cleef & Arpels for their elegant flair, David Morris with their beautiful gemstone set in jewellery, Lorraine Schwartz with the exquisite design and stones cuts and Jessica Mccormack for combing antiquity and modernism.

JP: Can you explain the making of a specific piece of jewellery?

TG: The gemstone itself is the hero of the story in the collections; where I buy a beautiful stone, then study it and try to emphasise its best characteristics through different cuttings, combing other stones or using minerals such as gold.

JP: What challenges did you face in launching your jewellery line?

TG: Well, I find dealing with gemstones quite difficult in comparison to gold and diamonds. tried to choose the best in terms of colour and clarity since I’m using the colourless topaz. A high wastage percentage was there, a lot of stones had to be reshaped and a lot of shapes weren’t suitable for this kind of gemstone.

Tales of Gems: Eternal emerald bracelet set in 18 kt gold and emerald cut topaz

JP: What the future plans for Tales of Gems?

TG: Tales of Gems is my passion, dream and hobby. I’m very happy that I launched the brand and I do really hope to reach out internationally. The brand is for women all ages from any origin or colour. I hope to have my brand in London, Switzerland and the US.


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