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Stories of Craftsmanship: House of Elizabeth Gage 

Elizabeth Gage - MBA (Member Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire), a British jewellery designer and trained master goldsmith who isn't governed by tradition but an unorthodox expression of unique creativity. She has been described by the trade as someone "whose large rings, historical references, gorgeous stones and elaborate craftsmanship set the tone for a whole generation". As a jewellery designer and an artist of true merit, Elizabeth Gage had reached the pinnacles of her career as an independent jewellery maker and ever since she has been creating collectable pieces which are worn by women and men around the world for over 50 years.

Exquisite stones, ancient bronzes, beautiful carvings, baroque pearls, or anything you name it where the shape, colour or different elements, Elizabeth gets inspired and chooses in her work for their beauty. Her approach to design is as unique and avant-garde as the jewels themselves. More than five decades on, Elizabeth’s attention to detail and intricately designed jewels give a new lease on life to her extraordinary creations that have remained consistently popular, handmade in Great Britain at the hands of expert goldsmiths and master artisans with a truly timeless statement of tradition and individuality in mind.

Drawing inspiration from nature, art, bold and beautiful gemstones, travels and history, each piece is carefully crafted in the brand's atelier and designed with elegance, wearability and timelessness in mind, with a focus on artisanal craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Her jewellery features the most imaginative colourful palette of gems, enamel and goldwork to create distinctive and highly personal jewels. As an artist and jewellery designer, Elizabeth believes her philosophy is that fine and exquisite signatures can be worn perfectly every day tonight. Furthermore, you'll wear them for years to come. In her own words, Elizabeth Gage says wearing jewellery makes her feel excited, it makes her feel glamorous and empowered.

Having studied design at the Chelsea School of Art and the Sir John Cass College and being trained for six years as a goldsmith, in 1968 Elizabeth received her first commission from Cartier in New York City to create a special collection for their new jewellery catalogue. Four years later, she was presented with the coveted De Beers International Diamond Award for her Agincourt ring, described as an engineering masterpiece. In 1989, she was awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement. In 2008 Elizabeth presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by Retail Jeweller, a UK Jewellery publication and the Queen’s Birthday Honours List to receive an MBE in 2017.

More than glamorous, though, Elizabeth Gage jewels are precious objects with a story and soul. Each evokes a sense of joy now and will become an heirloom to pass from generation to generation. The brand’s highly curated collection of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces are a regular fixture on BAFTA’s red carpet and constantly attract the attention of top fashion magazines and celebrities due to their extraordinary quality. Exhibited at international galleries and included in the permanent jewellery collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London Elizabeth's jewellery is the very definition of ‘wearable art. Don't miss the Renaissance-inspired rings in our edit. For jewellery enthusiasts, discover Elizabeth Gage’s recently published book about her jewellery and her inspirations called The Unconventional Gage.

I believe that the genius of jewellery is in the details; in caring as much about the back as the front. For every connoisseur of beauty, there is a jewel. But for those seeking something extravagant, a pedigree piece, a design of audacious style, there is only one source – Elizabeth Gage, curator of the most coveted classy jewellery.


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