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Rose Dior Couture line - The new, stylized and sensual collection that's inspired by roses.

Newly introduced Dior Joaillerie ambassador, actress Elizabeth Debicki wears pieces from the 'Rose Dior Couture

Victoire de Castellane the creative director of Dior Joaillerie introduces a new line - 'The Rose Dior Couture line'. The collection embellished the blooming rosebud, that's new, stylised, sensual and inspired by roses. The collection was inspired by Christian Dior's love for roses. For Christian Dior rose was the queen of blooms, it was the one that perfumed his childhood in Granville, Normandy. It was his favourite place of all time, the family rose garden, his mother Madeleine's rose garden. Monsieur Dior was inspired by the rose's petals and grace so much that you'd notice almost on all fashion shows he created femmes-flours ("flower-women") with hues evoked. The gentlest colours of the flowers shared the colour of happiness and femininity.

Victoire de Castellane sublimated and reinvented the rose and began a new flower story of her own. She was fascinated with this floral voyage of Dior flower that she has kept in the heart of her all jewellery creations. The flower for her is a reflection of multifaceted femininity. Victoire's first collection was called Rose Dior Bagatelle. Today, the Rose Dior Couture collection includes the Bois de Rose, Rose Dior Bagatelle and Rose Dior Pré Catelan lines that complete a universe dedicated to this audacious representation. With one hundred and sixteen romantic, futuristic and abstract jewels the new presentation of Dior Rose, the largest high jewellery collection was ever launched last year, in June 2021.

Dior Rose high jewellery collection 2021

And 2022 starts well for the queen of flowers as another perfect newborn joins the family. Rose Dior Couture crafted from nine exquisite and vibrant jewels from necklaces to stud earrings and rings, reflects the playful, natural, and innovative style that has defined Ms Castellane’s creations. What catches the attention is the freshness of the booming bud featuring in the soft and silky gold. The intricate and perfectly formed petals protect the sparkling diamond hiding at its centre. Some buds are featured with more diamonds while others are smooth and bare, unveiling the excellence of their design. The new collection is adorned for its easy to wear and appealing features to women looking for boldness, delicacy, and a dreamy escape.

ROSE DIOR COUTURE- features a rosebud in pink or white gold set with a diamond in bloom.

The new irresistible Rose Dior Couture line features a rosebud in pink or white gold set with a diamond in bloom, symbolizing a promise of future joy. This original representation, not only inspired by the roses that adorned couture looks by Christian Dior but his successors, accentuating the waist, illuminating the neckline, or embellishing the entire silhouette. The Necklaces and earrings bring out this timeless Dior code, while rings are boosted with a design echoing the Bois de Rose aesthetic, invoking numerous possibilities for a distinctive mix-and-match. The freshness of the burgeoning bud captured in the soft and silky gold catches the attention. Delicate and perfectly formed petals protect the sparkling diamond hiding at its centre.

The Savoir Faire Behind the 'Rose Dior Couture' Ring by Dior Joaillerie

While the new line Rose Dior Couture buds are attracting many two other previous components are also kept evolving. The first collection, Rose Dior Bagatelle, reveals new creations from single earrings stretching up along the ear to an impressive textured necklace with an organic interlaced clasp. Bois de Rose collection pays tribute to Christian Dior's favourite flower, reinterpreting its every detail in a virtuoso game of abstraction. The stem, punctuated with gold or diamond thorns, wraps around the finger or the wrist, in a bangle version now unveiled for the first time. A statement for her or for him, to be worn stacked and to be exchanged or offered as a symbol of devotion.

Rose Dior Bagatelle and Bois de Rose collection with new lines



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