Rosario Autore: Exclusive Interview with the owner of eponymous Autore Pearls Group

Rosario Autore stringing pearls

“Our aim has always been to push the boundaries of pearl jewellery design and I feel that we have been successful in not only contemporising pearl jewellery but also inspiring young designers to continually apply their skills to develop new styles and concepts using South Sea pearls” – Rosario Autore direct quote.

I have spoken to the owner of one of the world's largest pearl companies, Rosario Autore, who shares the secrets of success and passion for the pearling industry. Rosario says that the success of the business is also a reflection of the commitment and dedication of his loyal team, some of which have been with the business since the beginning (almost 30 years!). He has developed a world-renowned and vertically integrated empire with interests in pearl farming, wholesaling, valuation, jewellery design, and manufacture In the nearly 30 years. This is evident in every department of the group from farming this natural product, to the commitment in producing some of the most exquisite and best quality strands in the world, to finally presenting some unique and extraordinary jewellery collections.

Rosario adds that this commitment, combined with quality, distinction and professionalism are vital attributes to the company’s success. Whether it is cultivating a pearl oyster, grading a pearl by hand and eye, or designing a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery, these are the important elements that are essential in what we do.

You can read the interview here and enjoy it ;-))