PEARL is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queen

PEARLS are one of the most popular and beloved gems in the world. How many of us think that Natural Pearls is synonymous with the colour White, and they are the ones with only milky white spheres? I would like to bring to your attention the DIFFERENT TYPES AND COLOURS in Natural Pearls that are very rare, highly-priced. After all, it’s always a good idea to add a little splash of colour to enhance your jewel!

Image Credit: Shanghai Gems

Different Types of Natural Pearls featuring: Abalone Pearl, Cassis Pearl, Conch Pearl, MeloMelo Pearl, Clams Pearl, Basra Natural Pearl, Pinctada Radiata Pearl, Pinctada Mazzatlantica Pearl, Pteria Penguin Pearl.


Images 1 & 2: Different shape and shades of Melo Pearls along with the huge shell. Image Credit: Shanghai Gems | Image 3: Huge Melo pearls. Image Credit: Jewelsdujour.

These pearls are extremely rare, they do not come from an oyster or clam but are formed in the shell of a very large sea snail, known as the Indian Volute or Zebra Snail, found in the waters of Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, China and the Philippines. Melo pearls do not contain nacre; instead, their composition is calcite and aragonite, giving them a fine glazed surface that sometimes bears flame-like patterns.