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Designed Without Limits – Our Collaboration with Bespoke London Jeweller W&W Jewellery

Designed without limits, we recently collaborated with bespoke London jeweller, W&W Jewellery, to explore the infinite possibilities bespoke jewellery has to offer. Influenced and inspired by our very own Editor-in-Chief Shohista and her incredible love of beautiful jewels, W&W designer Narell created a design which encapsulates absolute beauty, exploring how far the imagination can take us when all practical requirements are stripped away.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we unveil the story behind the W&W Jewellery x Jewellery Pursuer guest curator project…

The Gemstones

The journey began at a W&W gemstone showcase back in April, when Narell took Shohista on a tour of the rare and beautiful gemstones on show. Drawn to rich and vibrant greens, they explored an array of beautiful gemstones before finally landing on an exquisite 14.40 carat peridot. This extraordinary stone became the foundation of the rest of the project, inspiring every choice thereafter - the focus of this exciting collaborative design.

The Inspiration

During the initial consultation, the pair discussed the beautiful gemstones on show, but also what inspires Shohista about fine jewellery and beyond. Colour played a huge role, influenced by the striking peridot Shohista was drawn to. Conversations also turned to famous jewels, like Cartier’s striking Tutti Frutti collections, which helped to give Narell insight into the pieces and styles which make Shohista tick.

Conversations resulted in two possible directions. The first inspiration is the meandering lines of nature, and the second is mankind’s considered mid-century architecture. Following their meeting Narell developed rough designs influenced by her time with Shohista and also the agreed inspirations.

The Designs

Once the first designs for the two inspirations had been created, Narell and Shohista reunited at the W&W studio to decide on final concepts and discuss the finer details of the guest curator piece.

Drawn immediately to the Mid-Century Muse concept, Shohista was keen to progress these ideas further. The pair discussed the designs, conceptualising the possible gemstones and precious metals that would enhance the peridot at the heart of each creation.

With so many beautiful options to choose from, Shohista went away to think about which of the three statement pieces from the Mid-Century Muse collection would be further refined.

The Chosen Piece

After careful consideration, Shohista chose the cuff as the reigning design in the collaboration. The pair worked together to hone this design even further, ensuring that every minute detail was perfectly considered. It was decided that the colourful enamelling detail would be replaced with an array of yellow diamonds, green sapphires and emeralds. The metal was also adjusted from warm gold to gleaming platinum.

The Final Reveal

The final W&W Jewellery x Jewellery Pursuer cuff bracelet is a powerful combination of Narell’s creativity and Shohista’s passion for jewellery. The result is a masterpiece in design, blending classic with the extraordinary to great effect.

The design features the original 14.40ct cushion cut peridot, surrounded by a halo of 32 diamond-cut vibrant bluish-green emeralds. The cushion shape of the central stone is echoed through a series of curved bars, gradually reducing in size and set with 88 diamond-cut emeralds, 106 eye-catching diamond-cut green sapphires and over 2ct of round brilliant cut natural fancy yellow diamonds. The whole piece is framed between two arching lines of the finest baguette-cut diamonds totalling over 21ct, all set in highly polished hand-crafted platinum to emphasise the vibrant colours of the gemstones. The piece has a retail value of circa £200,000.

The design was revealed to Shohista over afternoon tea at the Royal Lancaster London, where a stunning framed painting of the piece, created by Narell, was presented to her. She also received a portfolio that represented the journey of the design, from Narell’s very first rough concept drawings, right through to the pristine finished result.

The W&W Jewellery x Jewellery Pursuer Cuff or any designs inspired by this project are available for commission from W&W Jewellery. Please contact 020 7924 2386 or email

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