Nicholas Lieou: Fearlessly Confident and Irreverently Elegant Jewellery

Nicholas Lieou’s Capsule Collection for Sotheby’s Diamonds

Nicholas Lieou, one of the few truly Avante-garde jewellery designers today, creates jewellery pieces that are edgy, cool and very stylish. His Capsule Collection for Sotheby’s Diamonds, a jewellery boutique specializing in only the finest diamonds in the world, is a jewelled expression of the balance of Yin-Yang energies. Right off the bat, the contrasts in this collection astonish and surprise. Inspired by nature, each piece in this collection is a highly engineered marvel of jewellery design and workmanship. Also, while the overall look of the collection is highly minimalist, in the details of the crafting of each jewel, there is sublime complexity and opulent maximalism of the best kind. In short, Yin-Yang energies working as complements to make this collection the masterpiece it is.

Nicholas Lieou’s portrait