Manpriya B: Unabashed Confidence and Flair

Manpriya B is a brand that creates versatile and very modern jewellery with exquisite and unusual gemstones. Manpriya Bath, founder and jewellery designer at Manpriya B, brings together the style of contemporary jewellery design with the high jewellery craftsmanship of traditional Indian artisans in her one of a kind jewellery pieces. Her jewellery pieces are bold, unique and usually feature an irregular, organically shaped gem at their heart. Very sculptural in design, Manpriya’s jewellery pieces embrace colour, form and texture in an exceedingly elegant way.

Manpriya grew up in India but has been based in London since the past two decades. Her jewellery designs, therefore, are a bridge between her South Asian roots and her Western design aesthetic. Manpriya designs jewellery for the confident fine jewellery connoisseur, someone who understands contemporary jewellery design but also appreciates the multidimensional quality of her jewellery pieces.

Tanzanite and Diamond Glam Rocks Ring, from Glam Rock Collection, Manpriya B

Currently, Manpriya B has three jewellery collections under her brand - Diva, Glam Rocks and Fleurs de L’Inde. Each collection is distinctive and beautiful in its own way yet all three bear the unmistakable stamp of Manpriya’s jewellery aesthetic - exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious style.

The Diva Collection, featuring slice diamond pieces, is the cornerstone of the brand and it is this collection which first garnered international attention for Manpriya’s jewellery. Slice Diamonds are a difficult and capricious material to work with. They are organic in shape, most often have inclusions and you just cannot find two that are exactly similar. Many jewellery designers would baulk at these traits. Manpriya, however, not only embraced these very characteristics but made them the unique and unforgettable features of all her one-of-a-kind slice diamond Diva Collection. In her slice diamond jewellery, there is an interesting interaction of exceptional clarity and unique inclusions. Set in 18K white gold, the Diva Collection pieces weave a story of shapes, patterns and very modern glamour.

The Diva Collection, featuring slice diamond pieces, one-of-a-kind slice diamond Diva Collection, ManpriyaB

The Glam Rocks Collection is based off of Manpriya’s love of colour and organic shapes, expressed through tumbled and polished gemstones stones. Each piece features a large, high-quality gemstone which is surrounded by a frame of smaller reverse set gemstones, creating an exciting interplay of colours, shapes and textures. The smooth, gently undulating surfaces of the central gemstones, the vibrant amethysts, deeply hued tanzanites and warm coloured citrines, are in striking contrast to the pointed-