Manjrie: A bespoke Singapore-based jewellery brand to follow.

When a jewellery brand brings the traditional craftsmanship of India and translates it into jewellery designs with a Western aesthetic, it results in something spectacular. This is the magic that happens at Manjrie. Founder and jewellery designer Manjrie Gupta has created a jewellery brand where the pieces are designed by women, for women, all the while bringing Indian artisanal jewellery techniques into

mainstream fine jewellery.  

Manjrie Gupta started her career as an IT specialist in the U.S. However, about ten years ago, she said goodbye to Silicon Valley and moved back to India to follow her dream of establishing a fine jewellery brand which is rooted in Indian heritage but looks out to the world. Today, Manjrie is a well-recognised jewellery brand where fine artisan craftsmanship is showcased in jewellery pieces that speak to the modern woman.

Manjrie has three standout collections which caught my eye. Meenakari, Emerald and Polki collections are different in every possible way but one - the pieces in each collection have been made to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, using traditional jewellery crafting techniques from different parts of India. Heritage skills and art, known to renowned jewellery artisan families and passed down from one generation to another, are being supported and to some extent propagated, through collaboration with Manjrie.

Meenakari, as the name suggests, is a collection where jewellery pieces feature bright enamel work depicting vibrant flora or mythical Indian folklore creatures, accentuated with uncut Polki diamonds and other precious coloured gemstones. In this collection, colours and gems come together to create jewelled works of art. Crafted in 22k gold, these pieces have been made in multicoloured Meenakari style using techniques of enamelling that have not changed over hundreds of years. Creating Meenakari jewellery is a labour-intensive process and each colour added to the design requires different heating temperatures to set. With the addition of Polki diamonds and precious coloured gemstones, the skill and craftsmanship required to create every piece of this collection is phenomenal.

Meenakari collection, Crafted in 22k gold, using Enameled technique with uncut Polki diamonds and precious gemstones, Manjrie