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Jewellery Editorial: Christmas 2020 Holiday Greetings

I have teamed up with jewellery designers to bring something interesting to our jewellery enthusiasts this holiday season. My absolute favourite jewellery designer pieces are displayed on below Christmas cards. They are House of Geneva, Pavit Gurjal design, Neha Dani, Frédéric Mané Studio, Chopard, Bulgari, Cindi Chao, Manpriya B, Boucheron, Anna Hu and Piaget. Enjoy the cards below :-)

The theme: My Jewellery World, includes jewellery pieces from Pavit Gujral, ManpriyaB, Neha Dani, Bulgari, House of Geneva, Chopard, Boucheron and many other jewellery designer pieces on display.

Frederic Mane Crystal Ball Ring, 18K gold - 17.4gram Rubellite Tourmaline 14.0 ct Rubies 5.9 ct Red spinels 3.5 ct Pink sapphires 3.2 ct White diamonds 1.5 ct

Neha Dani one of six one-of-a-kinds Kephi rings the centre sapphire set in 18-karat white gold

Cindy Chao, ThCrystal Ball Ring, 18K gold - 17.4gram Rubellite Tourmaline 14.0 ct Rubies 5.9 ct Red spinels 3.5 ct Pink sapphires 3.2 ct White Diamonds 1.5 ct

Pavit Gujral, Coral Ring handcrafted in 18K Gold, the Coral Ring took the second position in the ‘Gold/Platinum’ category at the SAUL BELL DESIGN AWARD in the US. The award-winning masterpiece is an unconventional medley of Tsavorite Garnets and Trillion Diamonds, embedded on white Ethiopian Opal.

Bulgari The Ruby Splendour ring is a Neo-baroque masterpiece with a 5,04ct cushion-cut ruby at its centre, surrounded by a hexagonal frame of diamonds and buff-top rubies.

Frederic Mane Yin Yang ring, the key piece of the line is a magnificent ring with a central rubellite cut in the shape of a stylised Yin symbol, in the centre of a vortex of rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

Neha Dani, one of six one-of-a-kinds Kephi rings in teal sapphire and orange sapphires set in 18-karat white gold

David & Micheal Jewels, 15.56ct Spinel nestled into a pillow of diamond pave ring.

Chopard Riot of colour necklace reminiscent of bejewelled Gypsy’s dancing under the setting sun.

Manpriya B, polished and gleaming green amethysts drop earrings from Glam Rock collection, handpicked for their enchanted colour and size, are presented in glittering reverse set peridots, tsavorites and with a sprinkling of pavé diamonds.

Brothers David & Michael’s delightful Antique Pink Diamond ring with a watercolour of pink and green diamonds, and mesmerising Antique Rose Diamond ring with conch pearl, both handmade in platinum

Cindy Chao’s Royal Blue brooch and Emerald Feather brooch, these magnificent jewels are all nature-inspired, beautiful and fine work.

Houseof Geneva, Jet D'Eau ring.

Pavit Gujral, White Daisy ring crafted in 18K gold with Tsavorite Garnets, the ring features a glistening daisy with a yellow sapphire at the centre. Every petal is set with a shimmering 2.50 cts GH VS Diamonds

Neha Dani Agapi bracelet manifests the flow of energy that is dynamic and endless, connected by Paraiba tourmaline, covered in purple and blue sapphires as well as diamonds.


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