A Jewellery Designer Who is Renowned for Her Distinctive Talent in Transforming Eclectic Materials

"My formal education is in art and design and communications and I have always needed art as a creative outlet. My family history and passion for gems lead my path to jewellery design and it began as a way to continue work from home while also being able to take care of the kids. Over the years it has grown into a business that I am incredibly proud of and it brings me joy every day." - Jen Volkadov

I had the pleasure of speaking to Jen Volkadov, the Illinois-based jewellery designer. I followed her work on Instagram for some time but only recently had the chance to have a chat with her and got to know her as a jewellery designer. Jen cultivated a passion across all aspects of jewellery from an early age. As her grandfather was a jeweller who had a home studio where Jen had spent most of her childhood as a little girl. She remembers almost everything, even the smell of her grandfather's studio, and the little diamond pinky ring Jen adored was given as a gift by her grandfather and all the good memories treasured with her! The bond between the two was so great that inspired Jen Volkadov to follow her grandfather's footstep and continue the family tradition alive. All those were for a reason then hey :-)

Jen Volkodav started her "Jen Volkadov designs" brand in 2007, after a successful career as a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. Jen's designs convey her artistic vision by focusing on bringing light, shape, and an organic framework to some of the most beautiful stones in the world, and has an artisan's aesthetic and her collections are renowned for meticulous craftsmanship, signature lapidary techniques, and an abundance of colour and also her appreciation of the handmade and rejecting principles of mass production but custom made pieces are meant to have a personal meaning to the wearer, beyond adornment.