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Jen Volkodav Jewelry Design is a Warm Embrace of Colour and Nature-Inspired Design

What is jewellery but an authentic extension of a person’s state of mind. When it is as fabulous as the 14k ethically sourced pieces at Jen Volkodav Jewelry Design, you know that both the wearer and the jewellery maker are in their happy place. Known for her beautiful tourmaline mandalas (on Instagram) and nature-inspired, sculpted jewellery, goldsmith and jewellery designer Jen Volkodav handcrafts one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that are a colourful distillation of joy and joie de vivre.

For Jen, designing and making jewellery is part of her family legacy. Her grandfather was a jeweller and watch repairman and as such, Jen finds jewellery design and crafting to be something familiar. However, it’s nothing that she takes for granted. Always pushing herself to learn new techniques and concepts of jewellery design and making, Jen’s jewellery pieces are fresh, enchanting and full of fascinating details.. What’s even more special is how her design aesthetic is in tune with her crafting philosophy. Jen only uses ethically sourced jewellery materials in all her pieces.

The creativity that goes into each of her jewellery creations has a very appealing, organic quality to it. Jen masterfully plays with shapes and textures all the while staying true to her design aesthetic which is punctuated by colour and to a large part by the beauty of Nature.

At Jen Volkodav Jewelry Design, colour seems to be the most dominant thread running through all of the jewellery creations. From rough-faceted, tri-colour watermelon tourmalines to precision cut untreated Paraíba tourmalines, from vibrant cabochon emeralds to boldly hued rubies, Jen works with a variety of coloured gemstones with the ease of a music maestro. Interspersed amidst all the colour, some very fine, eye clean rose-cut diamonds adorn many jewellery pieces, lending them their own lovely flavour.

The other theme, Nature, can be seen through flowers and butterflies, a dominant design motif of Jen’s jewellery creations. Butterflies with wings of tri-colour tourmalines can be worn as earrings. Flowers with petals of sculpted, hammered gold and centres of sapphires and rubies adorn rings and cuff bracelets. Worn singly or stacked, these jewellery pieces cannot help but be noticed!

A particularly lovely cuff, inspired by one of Jen’s summer hikes, brings home a very important point that is, the inspiration from nature in Jen’s jewellery is personally experienced and thus is alive with nuance and feeling. Embellished with a beehive motif, emerald and gold flowers as well as a bumblebee with rose-cut diamond accents, this cuff is quite literally an embodiment of Jen’s interactions with the outdoors.

For jewellery artist Jen Volkodav, handcrafting one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces using ethically sourced gems and precious metals is more than just her job, it is her passion. Each piece at Jen Volkodav Jewelry Design is filled with Jen's love of Nature, colour and texture. Beautiful jewellery is timeless, and that's certainly true for Jen Volkodav Jewelry Design.


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