Irène Studio's Scenography Fine Jewellery Collection- A Landscape of Jewelled Dreams

When the Grand Palais first opened its doors in Paris, it embodied the latest architectural innovations and represented the glory of French Art. Ornately decorated, it housed waterfalls and lush, tropical vegetation, and presented the world with a landscape of dreams. Irène Studio has translated those dreams into the language of gorgeous fine jewellery. Perspective, light and space, the Scenography Fine Jewellery Collection gives us a precious world of jewelled monuments and has taken jewellery making into an absolutely new dimension.

· ACT I · SCENE 1. THE NAVE Waterfalls and green cascades glisten under the glass roof. Then time stops: the water droplets become diamonds and rock crystals, vegetation blooms into a cameo of emeralds and aquamarine stones, the steps of the promenade become stones in motion.

Marie Genon, the founder at Irène Studio, found her inspiration for the Scenography Collection in the timelessly classical architecture of Paris. Marie started her career as a scenographer in the fashion world but over the years explored the idea of representing scale versions of architectural landmarks through noble metals and precious gems. However, it was after her training as a goldsmith at the Haute École de Joaillerie in Paris that Marie was finally able to translate her ideas from paper to jewelled adornments.

The idea for Irène Studio’s Scenography Fine Jewellery Collection first came to Marie during Karl Lagerfeld’s Autumn-Winter prêt-à-porter fashion show of 2012. The Quartz décor of the show struck a chord and slowly but surely the concept of an entire collection of fine jewellery representing the architectural details of Parisian landmarks started to take shape. However, at the heart of this jewellery collection, as with all jewellery pieces crafted by Irène Studio, is Marie’s commitment as a jewellery designer, to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Each piece at Irène Studio’s atelier is made using GIA certified Antwerp diamonds which are also Kimberley Process compliant.

· ACT I · SCENE 2. THE GLASS ROOF Under a golden dome of rock crystal, carved one window at a time, a table setting paved with 125 diamonds (paving) symbolizes five waterfalls of gold, diamonds and white sapphires. Their different shapes, represented by 278 rocks of brilliant sizes, baguette, cabochon and marquise cut gemstones glisten