Haute Couture Week: Perspectives de Chaumet collection - The Architecture of High Jewellery

For me, High Jewellery Collection embodies style, flair, and a hint of drama. Chaumet’s Perspectives 2020 collection very clearly delivers on all three. The collection is very architectural in design and gives a nod to Chaumet’s 240 years of jewellery designs inspired by architectural magnificence.

The scope and breadth of this collection have been imagined in many skeins of architectural influences, from Renaissance to Beaux-Arts and Post-Modernism, all the way to Brutalist. Organized as chapters, the collection features jewellery pieces that are both very exquisite and a marvel of technical jewellery design and craftsmanship. In true Chaumet fashion, the collection is entirely handcrafted. Down to the cutting of gemstones and using only traditional techniques and tools, every piece has been meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen at Chaumet’s Place Vendôme atelier.