Gouache: The artistic Vision of a designer

Gouache - the term was first used in France to describe a type of paint made from watercolour opaque in the eighteenth century. Today, gouache - the term is used to describe any drawings made in watercolour opaque. Gouache - is the art of painting in opaque watercolour has a particularly important role within the jewellery industry. Traditionally, the gouache - art form was used for centuries by bespoke designers as guidance to craftsmen to create the final pieces which allowed the craftsmen turning paint and paper into precious jewels.

The gouache drawings aren't a new thing for me as I grew up seeing my brothers using gouache paintings in their drawings. Two of my brothers; one older and one younger, both followed a career within creative art. For me, coming home from school meant the smell of the gouache surrounding everywhere, on the walls, floors and on sketching wooden easel. I would watch hours my brothers' work in awe and enjoy the smell of gouache. I spent a good portion of my formative years in my family examining with a certain obsession the gouache works of my brothers. Their drawings remind me of the original purpose of the jewellery as an art form today.

Anita necklace, design and gouache by Claire-Chine Hardion