Giansante jewels is a high jewellery brand based in Valenza, Italy, the cradle of goldsmithery. This small city in the Region of Piedmont boasts the highest number of artisan gold and jewellery businesses in the country, as well as a solid high-quality artisan tradition and significant advancement in the way of technical, stylistic and material innovation. I discovered Giansante Gioielli when I was struck by their amazing flower rings in motion. Perfect movement fascinates me: I have always loved animated things and carousel boxes spinning around. But it was the first time I got to wear a flower ring with a mechanism that could open the petals to reveal a marvellous gem and then close them as to protect this precious stone inside. I was lucky enough to admire such beauties in person when I invited Mr Marcello Giansante to my home. Marcello has a background as a mechanic: no wonder he can create complicated jewels with perfect technique.

I asked Marcello to tell me something about the beginning of his career: “I attended a professional training school to become a mechanic and I have been working in this field for seven years. It was only by chance that I interrupted a career path that seemed to have been already traced for me because my hands developed an allergy that put an end to my job”. Thanks to this incident, Marcello turned to goldsmithery because he lived in Valenza and it seemed to him the more logical choice. Therefore, step by step Mr Giansante became an outstanding jeweller, treasuring his past experience as a mechanic. The revolutionary jewels in motion were born.