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Fine Jewellery and Riveting Storytelling with THHABA Jewelry

The Founder of THHABA Jewellery, Abrar Alebrahim

Founded in 2011 by architect turned jewellery designer Abrar Alebrahim, Kuwait City based THHABA Jewelry creates jewels for the modern woman. The pieces are versatile and unique and each piece is handcrafted in Kuwait. “Thhaba” is an Arabic word that means a woman of outstanding virtues and for this Middle East based jewellery brand, every woman is a “THHABA” woman

It is difficult to compartmentalize Abrar’s design repertoire into a single category. THHABA’s jewellery collections are elegantly varied in their look and feel. For instance, inspired by the Egyptian pyramids, the resolutely architectural minimalism of the Thamaniya collection is breathtaking in its precisely detailed design and craftsmanship. Alternately, the beautiful whimsy of the Astral collection, with its delicate crescent moons and scintillating stars, perfect for curating a delectable ear stack, makes it both charming and irresistible. In short, the jewellery pieces at THHABA are wonderfully crafted and superbly eclectic.

Thamaniya Collection, THHABA Jewelry

For Abrar, jewellery design and craftsmanship are synonymous with storytelling. As someone who loves reading and telling stories, the design inspiration for her jewellery pieces can come during a conversation with a close friend or be sparked by the beauty of a finely faceted gemstone. It may be a story in her mind which she then translates into jewellery design. The jewellery journey, from concept and design to its realization in gold and gemstones, is what Abrar focuses on. And it is a journey that starts and ends with a story.

Mélange Collection, THHABA Jewelry

THHABA’s latest collection, Mélange is a colourful reimagining of the tennis bracelet. The monocolor pieces of this collection, set with Colombian emeralds or Burmese rubies, present a more fluidly organic iteration of the tennis bracelet. The mixed-size arrangement of the gemstones gives these pieces a distinct vitality and allure. Perfect for stacking, the Mélange collection takes a classic and makes it into something refreshingly new.

Astral Collection styling, THHABA Jewellery

THHABA Jewelry is a brand that stands out for its remarkable designs and exceptional craftsmanship. But most especially for the captivating stories that the jewellery piece whisper.

You can follow THHABA Jewelry on Instagram @thhaba


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