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Exclusive interview: High Jewellery brand with heirloom pieces that celebrate momentous occasions

Fatima Al Dhaheri, the force behind Amwaj Jewellery and the founder of Ruwaya Jewellery. Driven by her passion for art and precious organic gems, Fatima draws from the influence of her family, the exotic sights, sounds, smells flora, culture and tradition of Arabia, Fatima brings generations of jewellery savoir-faire to her jewellery brand. Her career as a jeweller began while working for her father at his renowned fine jewellery brand Amwaj, where she began creating one-off pieces for her friends and family.

Encouraged by her father to pursue her own vision, Fatima has studied at the Gemological Institute of America. After redefining her skills and learning the intricacies of diamond and coloured stones at the Gemological Institute of America Fatima slowly began to transform Amwaj into a regionally renowned and reputable brand exuding quality, creativity and remarkable designs.

Today, Fatima draws from the influence of her family, her inherent sense of style, Arab aesthetics and a fusion of culture within the UAE run her jewellery brand, Ruwaya. Named after Fatima’s great-grandmother, Ruwaya is an old Arabic name with two beautiful meanings. The first, “to quench a thirst” alludes to the feeling of finding something really beautiful encapsulated in a piece of fine jewellery. The second, “storytelling” speaks to the rich heritage of Arabic lore that Fatima distils into her breathtaking, wearable works of art.

I caught up with Fatima Al Dheri to find out more about her jewellery journey with an enviable heritage. Please scroll down to read our interview;

Palm Tree - Ruwaya celebrates the beauty of the palm tree, an eminent symbol of survival, power and love in the Emirates. The diamonds take centre stage, echoing the playful cool shadows of the tree as the sun beams through the palm leaves. Translated into extraordinary pieces with vivid colours that flicker in the light.

A passion for perfection. Is this slogan for Amwaj? Please share your journey with us.

I’ve always exalted the craft of jewellery making and ventured into the field professionally when my father encouraged me to join the family business, Amwaj, in 2010. I studied at the Gemological Institute of America to refine my skills and learn about the intricacies of diamonds and coloured stones. I channelled my know-how into reimagining Amwaj and transforming it into a regionally renowned name that’s coveted for its creative ingenuity, quality and craftsmanship. Legacy can be felt in every creation—the brand was inaugurated in 1999 in Abu Dhabi and has since been an enduring force in the local jewellery landscape.

Amwaj has grown to become more than a brand, since 1999. What are the success stories of Amwaj to date?

Amwaj has many success stories in the span of its 25 years in the market. Of course, growing our workshop and crafting everything in Abu Dhabi to such a high level that can compete internationally is a huge success for Amwaj. We have been perfecting and constantly improving and evolving the technical expertise of jewellery design and this is still something we plan on expanding. We have been able to grab the attention of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Celene Dion, Beyonce, and Tracee Ellis Ross to name a few, who have picked our pieces for their special occasions and award shows. For us, the success story that brings us a lot of pride and joy is the happiness of our customers who keep returning and continuing their relationship with us.

Amwaj has evolved into one of the UAE’s most influential names in the fine jewellery industry. Do you think it's due to your dedication to each and every individual customer's experience or offering an incomparable collection of innovative, luxurious and timeless pieces?

Our influence has been attributed to our dedication to design, consistency, quality, and creating experiences while prioritizing the customer journey with Amwaj. These factors are all vital to our brand identity and this is what we have been known for. Another pillar of our brand is legacy, which is at the very core of Amwaj’s identity. This is a family-run business founded by my father and now also with my daughter recently coming on board bringing in a fresh perspective. This highlights the importance of our brand history while exemplifying our commitment towards growth as we move forward and expand.

Amwaj as a brand carries values that engage with clients, cultivate lasting relationships with them and deliver a sensation of exclusivity and luxury that is simply unmatched. What's your say on that?

Our commitment to continuous quality in our industry as well as our careful selection of stones is one of the most important elements of success. Our relationship with our customers is extremely important. Our global identity extends through continuous dedication to innovation and design. Focusing on details is essential when creating these pieces because we think of jewellery design as storytelling and a way to connect with people.

Sarab - Sarab draws its inspiration from the lines and grains of the desert which is mimicked on the gold surface using detailed handwork. Sarab echoes the many stories of resilient women of the desert

Three words describe Amwaj.

Jeweller of the elite.

Every single item is handcrafted to perfection using the finest gems and the utmost attention to detail. Every curve, each setting and all the elements are flawless. Is this due to 20 years in business?

Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned our bespoke and high-jewellery offerings, which reflect how I perceive the world and the interactions I have with inspirational women in the UAE. The jeweller's know-how is at the heart of each piece, handcrafted with love and careful detail with nearly 25 years of experience and technical expertise. We have been proudly producing international quality level jewellery here in the capital of the UAE using the highest quality of gemstones promising consistent quality; legacy can be felt in every creation and that’s what really frames our identity.

Where do you see Amwaj in 5 years from now on? What are your future aspirations for Amwaj?

We have been working very hard towards a bright and promising future with so many projects and concepts up our sleeves that will soon come to light. Where I would like to see Amwaj in 5 years is as a world-leading Arabian jeweller that tells the stories of our region and Emirati culture and heritage to the world through experienced craftsmanship and innovative design emanating iconic pieces that transcend time and space. We aspire to open branches of Amwaj jewellery starting in the Gulf countries and then to international horizons as the next step.

Author: Shokhista Turdiyeva @Jewellery_Pursuer.

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