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Engagement Rings That Say Love and So Much More

Going into Covid 19 lockdown was a sobering experience but it drove home a very important point. That is, there’s no point in delaying something when the writing on the wall is clear. The one thing this last year and a half has taught us unequivocally is to hold on to the love we have.

In that regard, buying engagement rings has been right on top of the list of important purchases for many couples. What’s more interesting is that current engagement ring trends have seen some significant departures from the past. No longer are people gravitating towards the tried and tested round brilliant single stone rings. Couples are now looking for engagement rings that represent their feelings, rings that are evocative and expressive of the different nuances of love.

Here are some rocking engagement ring trends;

The Emerald-Cut

The emerald cut-diamond is everywhere and is being embraced by engaged couples as their number one choice. While the emerald cut traces its origins to the table-cut of the 1500s, it was the Art Deco period that saw its emergence as a popular diamond cut with all the hallmarks of beauty and dazzle. The emerald cut is a top contender for the single stone engagement rings for several reasons. While it may not have the brilliance of a round-cut, it more than makes up for it with scintillation and it has an understated vintage-y quality to it which few can resist. Also, its price point per carat is lower than the brilliant cut but nobody can say that its attraction is any less. Boucheron’s Vendôme Liseré ring fits the choice for an emerald-cut engagement ring perfectly. This diamond and black lacquer ring, set in white gold, very reminiscent of Art Deco jewels, has elegance and sophistication written all over it.

Coloured Diamonds

This is another trend that’s shaking up the engagement rings world, and about time too. While many engaged couples have preferred emeralds, rubies, sapphires and a host of other coloured precious stones for their engagement rings, some have chosen to stay within the diamond stratosphere but selected colour over the white gems . In this regards, Graff’s yellow diamond rings from their Icon collection are a must have. Yellow is such a positive, joyful colour and at Graff you can be sure to find the best in this category. Another strong contender in the world of coloured diamond engagement rings is the pink diamond. Nothing says romantic love better than a pink diamond. Calleija Jewelers' Argyle Pink diamond rings are exquisite and offer many different shades of purple-pink and pink diamonds to choose from.


“Diamonds are forever” DeBeers stated more than half a century ago and while we do agree, its also true that pearls make everything perfect. It has taken some time for couples to warm up to pearl engagement rings. With celebrities like Ariana Grande and Emma Stone wearing pearl engagement rings, this was a trend that was bound to catch on. The truth is that the world of pearls has so much to offer in terms of design, colours and variety, one only has to look. For instance, Chaumet has beautiful selection of rings to choose from. The Joséphine Aigrette collection has exquisite rings with Akoya pearls and diamonds that would make stunning and very regal engagement rings. On a different aesthetic note, jewellery designer Yana Nesper’s pearl ring selection offers gorgeous grey Tahitian, white and golden South Sea and Akoya pearls as well as Freshwater pearls in novel and innovative settings, that are sure to make statement engagement rings.

Out of the Ordinary Settings

This is something I had been waiting for, for some time to be honest. Unusual settings say a lot about the person wearing those pieces and as engagement rings, they are bound to speak volumes especially if they are packed with symbolism. In this regard, an eternity band as an engagement ring is perfect. Yataghan’s High Jewellery collection offers a fabulous selection of very well crafted diamond eternity bands which are both lovely and full of meaning. In the same vein, spiral rings are also garnering a lot of attention as engagement rings. They are a slight departure from eternity bands but seem to hold their own as far as appeal goes, especially since spirals typify growth and change and isn’t that perfect as a symbol of love? Misahara Jewelry’s Drina IV ring is a piece that got my undivided attention. It is a spiral ring but its also a snake ring, which makes it doubly symbolic and would make a unique token of love.

Somehow, and happily so, these new engagement ring ideas have been trending hard and they are truly changing this special jewel’s entire landscape. Engagement rings are a special, physical representation of love and commitment, its only to be expected that with these changing times, the trends and preferences reflect the aspirations of the couples.


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