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Enchanting Whimsy: Chopard's Latest High Jewellery Collection Inspired by Fairy Tales

Chopard’s artistic director and co-president Caroline Scheufele has once again captivated the luxury world with her latest high jewelry collection, inspired by the enchanting world of fairy tales. True to her annual pledge since 2007, Scheufele has designed several pieces equal to the edition number of the Cannes International Film Festival, which Chopard has sponsored since 1998. This year, for the festival's 77th edition, she has introduced 77 unique designs, each reflecting the magical theme of Contes de Fées (Fairy Tales).

The pieces were adorned on the red carpet by stars throughout the festival which continued until May 25. Scheufele's designs ingeniously blend realism with fantasy, portraying fairies and natural elements in whimsical settings. She employs rare and hard-to-source gems in lavish quantities, combined with bold colour schemes to create pieces that are as unbelievable as they are exquisite.

A notable shift from Chopard's usual gold-focused designs is the incorporation of titanium. This material allows for the creation of large-scale pieces that remain light enough to wear comfortably. Titanium can be tinted in various colours through anodization, enhancing the vibrant aesthetics of the gems it surrounds or serving as a standalone colour element. The collection also features Fairmined gold, emphasizing Chopard's commitment to ethical practices.

Here’s a sneak peek at eight of the quirkiest pieces from this year's Red Carpet collection:

1. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Oak Necklace :

This oak-themed necklace features 18-karat gold and titanium leaves adorned with tsavorites and tinted titanium acorns. It also showcases briolette-cut yellow sapphires and emeralds.

2. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Lily of the Valley Brooch:

A delicate brooch in titanium and 18-karat gold, set with 3.90 carats of tsavorites and 2.24 carats of diamonds. The diamond bell-shaped flowers are accented with tiny yellow-gold pistils.

3. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Fairy Tiara:

An 18-karat white gold tiara set with 17.06 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds and 15.16 carats of pear-shaped diamonds. It features a detachable fairy with mother-of-pearl wings that can also be worn as a brooch.

4. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Fairy Earrings:

These earrings feature oak leaf and acorn motifs with a fairy perched on each acorn, crafted in titanium and adorned with emeralds, tsavorites, and cognac diamonds.

5. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Butterfly Earrings:

Butterfly motif earrings in 18-karat white gold, set with two pear-shaped aquamarines totalling 27.57 carats. They also feature a gradient of blue, pastel, pink sapphires, topaz, aquamarine, emerald, and brilliant-cut diamonds.

6. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Mushroom Ring:

A whimsical mushroom-shaped ring in 18-karat rose gold, set with 9.08 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds in shades of white, orange-brown, and cognac.

7. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Frog Ring:

An 18-karat gold ring centred with a 17.7-carat, round-cut rubellite, framed by two titanium frogs set with pear-shaped emeralds. The ring is also embellished with white and yellow diamonds.

8. Chopard Red Carpet Collection Flower Sautoir:

This sautoir necklace combines 18-karat gold and titanium with an array of coloured sapphires, rubies, diamonds, tsavorites, pearls, and rock crystals. It also features rubellite and amethyst beads.

With this collection, Scheufele has once again showcased her ability to merge fantasy with craftsmanship. The Contes de Fées collection reaffirms Chopard's position as a leader in high jewellery, captivating audiences with each meticulously designed piece, which is not only visually stunning but also deeply imaginative.


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