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Emma Chapman Jewels- What Fine Jewellery Dreams are Made of!

Have you ever been transported by a piece of jewellery? That is exactly what I felt when I saw jewellery designer Emma Chapman’s Oriana pearl and coloured gemstone fine jewellery pieces. ‘Oriana’ means sunrise in Latin and the jewellery pieces in this collection are just as glorious. Poetry encapsulated into jewelled adornments, the Oriana collection showcases Emma’s love of combining South Asian jewellery heritage and exceptional craftsmanship and translating it into fine jewellery pieces that embody a very modern aesthetic. However, I am getting ahead of myself here. Let us first meet jewellery designer Emma Chapman.

Oriana Pearl Tsavorite Diamond fine jewellery collection, It features a central pearl which is embedded with a full cut diamond set in an 18ct gold flower. The pearl is flanked by two tsavorites which are also set in 18ct gold. The ring has ornate 18ct gold and oxidized sterling silver hand engraving work on it

Emma Chapman is an award-winning British jewellery designer and is the founder and designer at her eponymous brand, Emma Chapman Jewels. Her design aesthetic, in her own words, is “Haute bohemian, opulent and exotic.” Just like any piece of Haute bohemian art, Emma’s jewellery draws upon an exciting dichotomy of vibrancy and serenity. The pieces start with a tranquil, well-crafted base, in either 18K yellow gold or oxidized silver, forming the body of the piece. Things then start to get very interesting. We see coloured gemstones as well as patterns and hand engravings in contrasting coloured precious metals. The jewel is built up, with each new layer adding beauty and vibrancy. Underpinning all this is an unwavering commitment to high craftsmanship and Emma’s own vision of what jewellery should be something that pulls at the heartstrings. And as far as Emma’s jewellery pieces are concerned, the heartstrings are undoubtedly pulled.

As a jewellery designer, Emma draws upon myriad sources of inspiration such as ancient geometric motifs and patterns from the Mughal, Indian, Arabic and Byzantine architecture, old couture techniques and adornments of royalty, while still keeping the jewels contemporary. It’s no wonder then, that her jewellery pieces have such elegance.

The goldsmiths working at Emma’s Jaipur atelier come from a long and distinguished family of artisans, having previously worked as jewellers for several royal families of Rajasthan. At Emma Chapman Jewels, each and every piece is handcrafted, right down to the tiniest details. The artisans working at the Emma Chapman workshop are skilled in traditional Indian jewellery techniques such as precious metal engraving and “jali” (lace) and filigree work where intricate designs are hand-carved into metal, a painstakingly precise skill that requires years and years to excel. In addition, gemstone carving also takes place in-house as does the elaborate and very finely detailed Meenakari enamel work. What we then have is a unique symbiosis of sumptuous Mughal, Persian and Ancient Indian jewellery art, which is given a very contemporary look by Emma’s brilliant jewellery designs. With Emma dividing her time between the UK and India, her jewellery pieces are literally a bridge between worlds.

Nova Labradorite Moonstone It features a central labradorite surrounded by rainbow moonstones, which are set in exquisite hand engraving work and Nova Chrysoprase Tourmaline chrysoprase and pink tourmaline gemstones. Made in sterling silver with 24ct gold vermeil, we have added intricate hand engraving work onto fine jewellery collection.

Wearing Emma’s jewellery is a luxury experience that allows one to live the romance, mystique and charm of a bygone world, while still being very much rooted in the present day. The one theme that runs through most of Emma’s jewellery pieces is the floral motif. Finely realised flora, in yellow gold or oxidized silver, are further adorned with coloured gemstones like emeralds, tourmalines, tsavorite garnets, rubies and turquoise while diamond accents add bright points of fire and sparkle to the pieces. Each of these one-of-a-kind pieces seems to tell its own story. The ethereal quality of these pieces stems not only from the gems, designs and craftsmanship but also from the mysterious and thrilling worlds they take you to if you allow your imagination to soar.

Ishana Turquoise Ruby Sapphire and Brielle Star Ruby collection, Emma Chapman

Now, that I have introduced jewellery designer Emma Chapman to you, I am certain you will not be able to resist finding out more about this wonderfully talented, Haute-bohemian designer and her exquisite jewellery pieces.


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