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DIEVA is an emerging jewellery brand that stole my heart with its romantic and up-to-date creations. Its special creations are the fruit of the passion for perfect lines and the expression of French savoir-faire. They caught my attention and I would like to share my impressions of this Jewelry House and above all talk about the mission and deep meaning of these splendid and glamorous jewels.

This brand was founded by Ieva Dumbliauskaite in Lyon, France. This city, surrounded by 2000 years of history with its remarkable architecture and beauty is the ideal environment for an artist. Lyon, the ancient Roman Lugdunum, has since the Renaissance developed unique expertise in goldsmithing, having close ties with gold trading. Many goldsmith businesses flourish even today in this city on the Rhone river. It is one of the main centres of French jewellery making. Lyon charmed Ieva at once with its romantic atmosphere and historical background. The city became a great source of inspiration for her with its calm, mystical and peaceful aura.

Ieva was born in Lithuania and made her art studies in Vilnius where she became highly skilled in painting, sculpture, drawing and graphic arts. Thanks to this advanced level training she became expert in the art of gouaché very accurate designs essentials for creating the final piece.

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand and this is the first thing I wish to point out. Her art is natural, authentic and preserves traditional techniques. Every piece has its own engraved number and therefore is unique. Ieva loves nature and surrounds herself with plants and animals. The beauty of the Mediterranean coast is a major source of her inspiration. Ieva’s creations are ethical, meaning that Dieva Jewelry is transparent and responsible, using sustainable materials with a minimal impact on the environment and not involved in any exploitation of workers.

During our interview I asked Ieva what is her favorite jewel: “It is the first piece that I created, from which my journey in the jewellery world began – the DIEVA RING. This ring has a unique design, a singular look inspired by my own paintings. What is incredible is that it inspires people with different images: from the infinite galaxy, the stars in the sky, everything from genetic molecular movement to romantic flowers”

DIEVA DIAMOND RING: made with traditional high-end jewelry technique, composed of 14 pieces hand carved from wax, poured in precious 18k rose gold, assembled by hand and set with 75 natural brilliant-cut white diamonds.

DIEVA DIAMOND RING entirely hand made – Rose gold 18 k and 75 diamonds

DIEVA BRACELET made in rose § white gold 18k and natural green Jadestone

Saint Valentine’s Day is coming up so next, I would like to show the heart collection: The Heart is the most common symbol of love and this theme has been explored by many brands. However, Dieva’s heart collection stands out for its elegance and refinement. The use of rose gold gives the line a touch of novelty. The intricacy of the diamonds’ setting is original and classic at the same time. I really fell in love with these romantic and sparkling hearts!

DIEVA STUD EARRINGS from the “Dieva Heart” collection made in rose gold 18k and set with round-cut white natural diamonds. DIEVA RINGS from “Dieva Heart” collection in rose gold 18k and set with round-cut white natural diamonds.

Last but not least I offer the new collection for 2021. Here art, excellence, quality and originality of the lines enchanted me. The Gouaché is the creative moment where this piece of art was conceived: a ring that seems classic but in reality, is so distinctive and different from others. The 77 diamonds are set in a very original way to make an outstanding modern ring. The ring can be combined with hoop earrings enriched by 66 brilliant-cut diamonds. This line is available only on demand and is entirely handcrafted in France.

DIEVA RING with 77 brilliant-cut white diamonds totalling 1,3 Cts set in white gold 18 K.

DIEVA HOOPS EARRINGS with 66 brilliant-cut white diamonds totalling 1,14 Cts set in white gold 18 K.

To conclude, I asked Ieva to tell me what kind of woman she thinks of while she is designing her creations. She said: “I create with joy, bright and positive thoughts, and I imagine a ravishing, elegant woman who will find in my jewels a part of her. I see a woman who values art, who has a sense of beauty, has the power of love, the courage to share positiveness, who has optimism and kindness – a radiant woman who spreads light and joy around her”. With these encouraging words, I also want to give my audience a preview: in future collections, Dieva will use coloured gemstones with beautiful rubies, tanzanites, peridots, emeralds, and topaz to express her creativity and positive, optimistic vision of life.

Discover Dieva World @ Dieva France

Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché


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