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Diamonds Woven in Fabric: A Journey Through Chanel’s Tweed de Chanel Collection

After the resounding success of Tweed de Chanel unveiled in 2020, the esteemed fashion House is unveiling a second chapter in this exquisite high jewellery collection.

In a surprising departure from tradition, Chanel has chosen London as the backdrop for this fabric-inspired collection. Stepping into Linley Hall, we are instantly transported to the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish highlands—a fitting homage to the origins of Chanel’s iconic fabric. The presentation proceeds by showcasing a series of hand-painted, tweed-inspired artworks by Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, further accentuating the theme.

As we wander through the gallery, we are led to the heart of the exhibition, where we encounter dazzling woven pieces that possess the fluidity and grace of fabric. True to Chanel’s fashion DNA, these creations are rooted in the world of couture, drawing inspiration from ribbons, fringes, bows, laces and embroideries.

The collection is divided into five distinct themes, each embodying the essence of the luxury fashion House:

In Tweed Camelia, we witness the flourishing of Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower. Fourteen remarkable creations celebrate its delicate petals with exquisite pink sapphires. The centrepiece of this radiant bouquet is a stunning convertible necklace, featuring a detachable motif that can be worn as a brooch.

Tweed Etoilé captures the enchantment of the cosmos and the celestial bodies that inhabit it. Composed of a mesmerizing array of blue sapphires, lapis lazuli and onyx contrasting with yellow sapphires and yellow diamonds, these fascinating pieces effortlessly evoke the mystical starry night.

For summer lovers, Tweed Soleil would be the ideal setting. Topaz and beryl, set on yellow gold, mimic the brilliance of the sun and its abundance of light. Among the collection’s most breathtaking pieces is a necklace made of yellow and white diamonds, featuring dangling fancy drop-cut rock crystal that pays homage to the magnificent chandelier that once graced Gabrielle Chanel’s Parisian apartment.

Next, we encounter the majestic Lion, an emblematic symbol of the French House. Tweed Lion reflects Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign and her fearless spirit. Depicted in fiery hues with rubies, yellow sapphires, garnets and spinels, this collection embodies the strength and courage of the King of the Jungle. Multiple layers of colourful red bead strings and yellow gold chains evoke the essence of Chanel’s exquisite fashion universe.

Tweed Ruban is an ode to the lightness and delicacy of ribbons. This chapter captivates with its array of cultured pearls—the gem that held a special place in Coco Chanel’s heart who was known for adorning herself in multiple long pearl necklaces. This chapter mirrors the timelessness and purity of white monochrome, elegantly contrasting the brilliance of diamonds with the opaqueness of pearls.

Tweed de Chanel is a testament to Chanel’s allure and instantly recognizable codes that are deeply rooted in its prestigious heritage. Whether gracefully following the curves of the neckline or intertwined like delicate threads between the fingers, these creations epitomize the soul of Chanel’s couture craftsmanship. The luxury House built its empire on dressing women in refined textiles made of wool, silk, feather, lace and sequin, and now extends its legacy by adorning them with diamonds.

Glamour. Freedom. Refinement. These are the defining qualities of Chanel's extraordinary high-jewellery collection, Tweed de Chanel. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish highlands to the intricate craftsmanship and stunning gemstones, every detail exemplifies the House’s dedication to elegance and excellence, as the fabric.

Author: Eline Ewbank - The Jewellery Stalker Published date: 17th June 2023


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