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Delightfully Unpredictable But Always Elegant - Misahara Jewellery

“How does YOUR jewellery make YOU feel?” An important and question which needs careful reflection. We all consider this question with our jewellery purchases and it may not be as intuitive as it seems. Nevertheless, at the end, we all want our jewellery purchases to make us feel good, to make us feel like our true selves! This very question is philosophy foundation stone on which fine jewellery brand Misahara has been built.

The story of how this jewellery brand came to be established is as interesting as it is inspiring. Founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, an ardent lover of fine jewellery, always found something lacking in the fine jewellery she received as gifts from her husband. While she more than valued the thought and gesture behind the gifts, those pieces never spoke to her in a personal way. She would always end up redesigning them, to suit her own emotional aesthetic. Over the years, Lepa discovered her penchant for jewellery design and with the support and encouragement of her husband, she started her own fine jewellery brand, Misahara.

The portrait of Lepa, the founder of Misahara

The different jewellery collections of the brand are a realisation of Lepa’s love of jewellery design and fine craftsmanship. The pieces are dynamic and allow jewellery lovers to show their personal styles and tastes in very contemporary and artistic ways. Worn singly or mixed in stacks and layers, the jewellery pieces are modern, well crafted and very cosmopolitan.

The Chain City collection attracted me from the very first moment I saw it. It is a jewelled homage to the four cities that have been an unending source of inspiration for Lepa- New York, Paris, Rome and San Francisco. The collection consists of pieces formed around the chain links design, crafted in 14K sandblasted, textured gold and adorned with enamel or white diamonds. Embodying clean lines and a light, airy feel, this jewellery collection has a sophistication that is timeless. However, what I love about this collection is the ability to mix and match, to personalise your look. San Francisco Earrings can be worn with a Paris bracelet, the Rome chain with New York Earrings-the options are endless. Personalisation in fine jewellery is rare but with this collection, you can have fun and look your best!

The Chain City collection, the chain links design, crafted in 14K sandblasted, textured gold and adorned with enamel or white diamonds

Another brilliant collection from Misahara is the Time Collection. An offering in brilliant-cut diamonds and coloured gems, there is a sensuality to this collection which is both poetic and pleasing. This collection, to me, is about a moment in time, captured in jewels. Movement features dominantly as a design element here. Whether it is in the form a stream, a waterfall or even a weeping willow, the pieces are evocative and convey a depth of meaning. The piece that really stood out to me was the Stena Drop Earrings. Crafted in 18K rose gold, blue diamonds and moonstones, this is a piece which has an almost mystical quality to it, something rare and exceptional.

The Time Collection, Misahara

The Stena Drop Earrings. Crafted in 18K rose gold, blue diamonds and moonstones

Misahara Fine Jewellery is a brand that is poised to change the way we think about jewellery. Their jewellery pieces have been designed to appeal to jewellery lovers in a profoundly personal way. No two humans are exactly alike, and this affects our choices, especially how we adorn ourselves. Misahara fine jewellery makes sure that the “me” part of jewellery is no longer neglected.


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