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De Beers 2021: Five mesmerising high jewellery sets inspired by a unique natural landscape

The De Beers Jewellers launches its latest ‘Reflections of Nature’ high jewellery collection and I think it is mesmerising proof of the incredible diversity found within the world of diamonds.

The collection features five different sets of jewellery – Okavango Grace, Motlatse Marvel, Namib Wonder, Landers Radiance and Ellesmere Treasure – making for a total of 39 pieces, combining rough diamonds with a cornucopia of polished stones in myriad sizes, shapes and colours. Five suites are each inspired by a specific location in the countries in which De Beers diamonds are mined.

Feast your eyes for the new High Jewellery collection, inspired by breathtaking landscapes; the art of stringing, the exceptional expertise threads of numerous hand-cut beads, all singular and different, into perfectly harmonious compositions.

I loved the technique of evoking a colourful fantasy of the stones all amplify the dazzling effects and the ensemble of strung gemstone beads with a figurative representation of fern sprays, De Beers necklaces with magical designs, depicting stylised blossoms to taking over the dazzling sand dunes that represent the scope of De Beers Jewellers creativity from naturalism to abstraction.


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