De Beers 2021: Five mesmerising high jewellery sets inspired by a unique natural landscape

The De Beers Jewellers launches its latest ‘Reflections of Nature’ high jewellery collection and I think it is mesmerising proof of the incredible diversity found within the world of diamonds.

The collection features five different sets of jewellery – Okavango Grace, Motlatse Marvel, Namib Wonder, Landers Radiance and Ellesmere Treasure – making for a total of 39 pieces, combining rough diamonds with a cornucopia of polished stones in myriad sizes, shapes and colours. Five suites are each inspired by a specific location in the countries in which De Beers diamonds are mined.

Feast your eyes for the new High Jewellery collection, inspired by breathtaking landscapes; the art of stringing, the exceptional expertise threads of numerous hand-cut beads, all singular and different, into perfectly harmonious compositions.