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Cornerstones - A Fine Jewellery Collection Alive with Memories and Thoughts

What would you do if you were given a glimpse into the thoughts and remembrances of a jewellery artist through their jewellery? This is what we experience with Sabine Roemer’s latest jewellery offering “Cornerstones.” A mini collection of eight, superbly crafted, one of a kind earrings, the Cornerstones jewellery collection is a collage of the magical moments and memories from Sabine’s own life.

Sabine Roemer

Sabine Roemer is a jewellery artist, a goldsmith and a jeweller who has been hand crafting exquisite fine jewellery pieces for the past twenty six years. Now based in London, Sabine has lived in fifteen cities and travelled extensively all over the world. Over the course of these journeys, Sabine amassed a beautiful collection of gemstones, which in turn became the inspiration and the design foundation for the Cornerstones collection. “In a way they’re like souvenirs. They capture a glimpse into my life,” notes Sabine, whose love for these gemstones rests primarily with their colour and uniqueness and not just their intrinsic value. In the Cornerstones jewellery collection, each piece is tied to a special memory or moment in Sabine’s life, immortalized into a sublime and meaningful jewel.

The eight pair of earrings speak to different times in Sabine’s life. Traversing the globe, from her home in London to her trips to Germany, Los Angeles, Paris and the Bahamas, these fine jewellery pieces are masterful reflections of a jewellery artist as a world traveller. Each earring encapsulates a different mood and style, a testament to Sabine’s remarkable virtuosity as a jewellery designer and artist. What really struck me was the subtle but powerful use of colour in these pieces. Sabine does not shy away from colour- this mini collection features colour saturated gems which are both eye catching and evocative. However, each jewel stays within the same colour range, like a treasured memory seen through the lens of time, something in of itself quite lovely.

One-of-a-kind handmade Cornerstones collection, 18ct yellow gold earrings, set with gemstones, pink opal, pink tourmalines, emerald-cut green prehnite, faceted peridots and 0.66cts of white diamonds and many other gemstones.

The “Key to the Past” earrings are a snapshot of things that have come to pass. Polished ammonites like blessed talismans of time and tide, are set with pear-shaped smoky quartz and white diamonds in these earrings. The colours here are deep and saturated, the shapes varied and attractively combined to create something marvellous. The “ New Beginnings” earrings look to the future, signalling hope, excitement and also a sense of anticipation, of good things to come. Tapered baguettes of pink and purple tourmalines have been set with white diamonds here, like brilliant flashes of fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

One-of-a-kind handmade 18ct yellow gold earrings, set with polished ammonite, pear-shaped smoky quartz and 1.23cts of round and tapered baguette white diamonds.

And then there is “Reflection,” a pair of earrings which, in Sabine’s own words, is a “ love letter to London” and as such is a sublime expression of that love. The colours here do not stray from pink, but the varieties of shades are exceptional. From the luminous pink of opals to the fuchsia of pink sapphires and powdery, cotton candy hues of rose quartz, these earrings are like a gentle token of affection, expressed by a jewellery designer for the city she calls home.

One-of-a-kind handmade 18ct rose gold earrings, set with rose quartz, pink opal cabochons, pink sapphires and 0.2cts of white diamonds

Each piece in the Cornerstones Collection carries deep meaning for jewellery designer Sabine Roemer. However, for jewellery lovers like myself, it is easy to find our own interpretation of these jewels. When jewellery pieces have been made as well as these, it is hard not to appreciate them, especially since they do allow us a privileged view into the well-travelled past and memories of a jewellery artist.


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