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Cannes Film Festival 2023: I experienced the Red Carpet and I lived the dream

These past weeks have been a glittering affair as the 2023 Cannes Film Festival opened for the prestigious 76th annual celebration of fashion and film. With Hollywood and the wider international film industry underway, the stars have been going all out and accessorising their couture gowns with a dazzling array of gemstones to walk the red carpet. In keeping with the glamorous scenery of the French Riviera luxurious earrings and necklaces have been the prevailing custom of the day, with the striking diamonds, emeralds and rubies all ensuring their wearers a lot of public attention.

My arrival time was 9:55 pm for an 11:00 am start I was mostly indulged by getting to know the city after a fairly smooth pass from the airport queue. Having spent the afternoon trying to familiarise myself with the festival complex, especially one of the most glamorous parts of the Cannes, the major premiere screenings that take place in the Palais des Festivals’ biggest and most prestigious space, the Grand Théâtre Lumière I headed to get dressed up for the occasion.

My day in Cannes fell on Saturday, and I was lucky enough to score an invitation from Chopard and The Amanqi Consultancy. Chopard has been a glittering duo and an official partner with the Cannes Film Festival since 1998. The Maison awarded the Palme d'Or and all the prizes at the end of the competition and they are also eager to promote the up-and-coming generation of the film industry by annually presenting the Trophée Chopard to a young actor and actress. Synonymous with glamour, Chopard goes with the traditional ascent of the steps by decorating the stars with stunning Haute Joaillerie creations from the Red Carpet Collection. For the Red Carpet by other brands and a number of other fruitful collaborations between high-end jewellery brands and film events were launched, such as between Bulgari and the Baftas and Cartier and the Venice International Film Festival.

For the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard recreated the outstanding Red Carpet collection. With creative excellence and technical artistry, Maison's Co-president and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele has designed an array of fascinating 76 Haute Joaillerie masterpieces for the 76th Cannes Film Festival that is masterfully matching the Festival. I have had the great pleasure to be invited to Chopard's rooftop destination at Martines Hotel in Cannes and previewing some of 76 Haute Joaillerie masterpieces by myself. Each piece is a masterpiece and each one of them is outstanding. Each one of them shares to glean – from architecture, museums, galleries, conversations, nature or starry nights – a range of fragments contributing to the essence of creation. Therein lies the talent of Caroline Scheufele, who is able to embrace all the beauty of the world to assemble the wherewithal to shape the Haute Joaillerie collections she designs for Chopard.

Chopard Red Carpet collection, 76 Haute Joaillerie masterpieces for the 76th Cannes Film Festival

This Haute Joaillerie collection features the exact number of jewellery masterpieces that are masterfully met by Chopard that represents an incredible challenge. Each Red Carpet masterpiece highlights the result of the hard-working and talented expertise of the Maisons Artisans. Not only do they explore Caroline Scheufele's creative spirit, but they also explore the conclusiveness in creativity: from employing new materials such as titanium to using novel stone-cutting techniques. From design to volumes, from gold craftsmanship to precious stone mastery, these gifted Artisans combine their talents to give life to this collection. Each piece of jewellery is made using the quintessence of classic jewellery-making know-how and carefully preserved tradition, nurtured by a fresh eye and a truly avant-garde spirit. One-of-a-kind models imbued with unique history and spirit come into being, borne by the fertile impetus of Caroline Scheufele's chosen affinities with the world of the arts.

Chopard Red Carpet collection, 76 Haute Joaillerie masterpieces for the 76th Cannes Film Festival

My next stop was The Amanqi Consultancy's celebrity showroom by Jean Marc Mondelet. The showroom was located at the Martinez Hotel on the fourth floor, which was truly amazing and blissfully glittering with all the jewellery designer's pieces from Dubai as well as the lineup of haute couture gowns for the celebrities. I got to discover the best of emerging Middle Eastern jewellery designers (fine jewellery) during my visit. I chose long chandelier emerald earrings and necklaces by Ghanshyam Das Kotawala and a choker-styled necklace by Seema Somany. The same necklace was worn by Urvashi Rautela on the Red Carpet. I believe that big pieces of jewellery are often very colourful, and are perfect to show off on the red carpet or at one of the many glamorous parties. And I love the sparkle and shine they generate on the Red Carpet. Hence the pieces I wore were just reminiscent of the Red Carpet.

Wearing a choker-styled necklace by Seema Somany

Wearing Ghanshyam Das Kotawala Emerald and Diamond collection

The Amanqi Consultancy has brought many young jewellery designers to the Red carpet this year. Every handpicked fine jewellery pieces by Obary, Toktam, Toi or the high jewellery pieces by Seema Somany, La Marquise, as well as Ghanshyam Das Kotawala, were just outstanding and striking on the red carpet. Not only was I so proud of the Amanque team's achievements but I also wish them all the best in their journey. Please check out the jewellery pieces below worn by celebrities.

Urvashi Rautela in Seema Somani and TOKTAM jewellery.

Sasha Ray in TOi Fine Jewellery

Patricia Bright in La Marquise Jewellery

Renee Blythewood in Ghanshyamdas Kotawala Jewellery

Andrea Del Val in OBARI fine jewellery

Daria Kyryliuk in TOKTAM fine jewellery

Author: Shohista Turdiyeva


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