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Bridal Jewellery Trends to Make Your Day Truly Special

After the roller coaster of a year that was 2020, I find myself literally pausing and reflecting on how much we all seem to have coped with and overcome in a matter of just twelve (or long?) months. Unlike last year though, 2021 has promised us a wedding season. This year we want to pull out all the stops as far as wedding preparations and celebrations go and make some bold and interesting choices for bridal jewellery.

The wedding jewellery trends that have taken centre stage this year range from the expected to the unusual, but each trend is meant to make that special day memorable in a very star-shiny way.

Statement Earrings

There’s no denying it, earrings make an eye catching frame for the face. Foe a bride, the right pair of earrings can make a look go from romantic to striking to a bit of both. Drop earrings seem to be the safe choice for most brides, but safe doesn’t have to be boring. Boucheron’s white gold and diamond Vendôme Liseré drop earrings have a statement look and they are anything but ordinary. However, for anyone looking to explore bridal ear wear further, I would say look no further than Calleija Jewelers' Ear Cuff. Uniquely designed, with a faintly elven look, especially how they envelop the whole ear, these diamond pieces are elegantly dramatic. Another option is to go for a simpler look which nevertheless is class and timeless. Yataghan’s diamond hoop earrings fit this bill perfectly. They have just the right amount of bling for a bride and can become every day jewellery after the big day is over.

Bracelets and Bangles… and lots of them

Why bracelets and bangles? Why not? But seriously, I think arm accessories add undeniable style to the overall bridal look. Misahara’s Unity Eternity Constellation bangle or their Eternal Blossom cuff have the right feel for a bridal look. Stacked with their Star Bright bracelet or Zora Bracelet, the look is trendy and so on-point. Or you could take a different route and stack several brilliant-cut diamond and white gold bangles and bracelets from Yataghan’s staggeringly wide High Jewelry collection. Alternately, I think that Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection has been made with weddings and brides in mind. Rife with such profound symbolism, stacking diamond and gold bracelet and bangles from this collection will not only be a glittering addition to the bridal jewellery repertoire, but also deeply meaningful.

Colours, Colours, COLOURS

There’s no point shying away from colours on the wedding day. Leaving all the challenges and upheavals of 2020 behind, it makes even more sense to add some happy hues to your wedding day jewellery selection. In fact, this is the year of yellow diamonds and adding some sunny jewelled highlights may very well be in order. Graff’s yellow and white diamond earrings as well as their yellow and white diamond bracelet may be a great choice or the ruby rings. Misahara's columbian emerald Royal collection is another great collection for your big day. As well, Calleija Jewelers' Argyle Pink Diamond collection features some sublime pieces with just the right pop of soft, blushing colour. I vote for the spectacular Erina Argyle pink diamond earrings, but their Neve pink diamond necklace can become a bold and dramatic focal point for any bridal look.

Statement Pieces

It is your wedding day, so wear one statement piece that wedding guests will talk about for decades. Bulgari is one jewellery house that comes to mind when we think of making an impression with jewels. Their sapphire and diamond Blue Rays necklace ticks all the boxes as far as having one jewel to carry the entire look. Plus, it also covers the “something blue” requirement with lots of charm. Another highlight piece would be a tiara and a Chaumet diadem is perfect for bridal wear. The Joséphine Aigrette Impériale tiara is glamourous and comes in several different variations to choose from. However, the Joséphine Valse Impériale Tiara would make any bride feel like a princess

The Joséphine Aigrette Impériale tiara, Chaumet

So, after ploughing through 2020, this year we are looking forward to a happy and happening wedding season. The jewellery trends for this year promise something for everyone, but most of all they promise a chance for brides to have their dream wedding while wearing the jewellery that says JOY in bold, brilliant letters.


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