Aveen Jewellery: Celebrates the fusion of science and nature


"I believe that meaningful jewellery is becoming the way of the future and being a scientist and a jeweller really gives me a more technical perspective on design. Our customers often comment on how comfortable the pieces are when worn and I believe those small technical details are the reason for this as well as good craftsmanship of course" - Aveen Oghana. 

Aveen Jewellery is a luxury jewellery brand focused on using sophisticated materials and unique techniques to create jewels with travelling as a point of inspiration. Aveen Oghana is a British-Iraqi born creative designer behind the Aveen Jewellery brand and has worked and studied across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Aveen currently lives and works from her design studio in the United Arab Emirates. Aveen jewellery was launched to create contemporary, high-end jewellery with impeccable craftsmanship that offers accessible everyday luxury for women across the globe. All Aveen jewellery pieces are individually handcrafted featuring 18k gold, diamonds, fine gemstones and colourful enamel.

Jewellery Pursuer sat down with Aveen to discuss all things jewellery and design. Find out the discussion below and enjoy reading... :-)

The Portrait of Aveen Oghana

Jewellery Pursuer: How was Aveen jewellery brand born?

Aveen Oghana: I have always loved creativity from a young age but have also always been very academic. I pursued a career in science and trained as a pharmacist in the UK so I didn’t pursue my passion for design until much later in life. For more than a decade now I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and observe different cultures and lifestyles and it’s been through my travels that my passion for creativity was revived. My journey into the world of jewellery started after a tri