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Auction: A Rose from Russia

The Spirit of the Rose-Magnificent, 14.83 carats Flawless Pink Diamond

On November 11, The Spirit of the Rose (La Spectre de la Rose) diamond will come up for sale at Sotheby’s Geneva. An internally flawless, 14.83 carats, type IIa, fancy vivid purple-pink diamond is as unique and special a gem as they come and will be largest purple-pink diamond ever to be sold at auction. This oval modified brilliant-cut diamond was mined and cut in Russia by AL-ROSA, and there is an undeniable sense of symbolism and romance in the story of this remarkable gem. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest types of diamonds to be found in nature and with the upcoming closure of the Argyle Mine in Australia, the buzz around the sale of The Spirit of the Rose diamond is quite understandable.

This incredibly beautiful diamond was cut from the breathtaking Nijinsky a clear pink rough diamond, which at 27.85 carats is the largest pink crystal to have ever been found in Russia. The poetic thread of ballet allusions in the names of the rough and polished diamond cannot but be appreciated. La Spectre de la Rose was one of the most famous ballets performed by Ballets Russes. It is the story of a young girl, who attends her first ball and as a memento of that occasion brings home with her, a rose. However, when she falls asleep that night, she dreams that she is dancing with the Spirit of the Rose. Nijinsky, one of the greatest male ballet dancers of all time, immortalized this rather short ballet, by giving his most captivating and memorable performance as the Spirit of the rose. And what did the spirit of the rose really symbolize for the young girl in the story… purity, hope and the promise of joy! So, from the rough diamond Nijinsky, to arrive at the outstanding La Spectre de la Rose diamond is not just very symbolic, but so very apt.

27.85 carats is the largest pink crystal to have ever been found in Russia

The Spirit of the Rose Diamond, Lot 204, a magnificent fancy-vivid purple-pink diamond, is coming up for sale at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auction in Geneva in November, at an estimated sale price of between 21,050000-34,775,000 CHF. And there is jewellery history about to be made.

A video of the diamond


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