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Amanqi’s Fine Jewellery Pop-Up Returning to Geneva Just Ahead of This Year’s Christmas Festivities

As soon as the year hits November, the countdown to Christmas starts and with it the stress of finding gifts for loved ones. And what’s more perfect than a gift of fine jewellery? This is a gift that says so much. It’s a way to show love but it also shows you care. It takes substantial investment of time and patience to find the perfect jewel for a loved one, with happiness and delight as well-earned rewards.

In this regard, from 11th to 13th November, Amanqi Consultancy will be holding its annual Geneva pop-up featuring an impressive line-up both fine jewellery as well as fashion brands.

Based in Dubai, Amanqi Consultancy has been at the forefront of creating bespoke experiences and customized strategies for emerging jewellery brands and designers. With the immensely talented jewellery designers represented at their Geneva pop-up, it will be easy for Christmas shoppers to find that “just-right” gift for a special beloved.

A Meher Jewellery piece is more than just a jewel. It is a sensory experience. Handcrafted in 18K gold and embellished with precious and semi-precious gems, each Meher Jewellery piece is a story unto itself.

Maison H Jewels crafts contemporary jewels which are at once timeless but very much rooted in the present. Every piece of Maison H jewellery is distinctive, intricately detailed and beautifully whimsical.

Amira Karaouli Fine Jewellery is a marvel of design fusion, where traditional Tunisian jewellery motifs meet modern Parisian chic. Meticulously handcrafted, Amira Karaouli’s jewellery pieces have a vibrant energy and a striking elegance that is hard to ignore.

Stone Fine Jewelry creations are underlined by sophistication and glamour and punctuated with a fluidity essential for the modern lifestyle of today. Delicate details, exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to quality exemplify each and every jewel crafted by the brand.

By Sarah is a fine jewellery brand renowned for its attractive jewels that are imbued with a happy, youthful energy. From necklaces to pendants and rings, By Sarah fine jewels are contemporary jewellery pieces made for jewellery lovers who want to stand out!

Obari jewellery is where flair for design meets an in depth knowledge of gemstones. In addition, Obari’s commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery practices make their fine jewels an excellent mix of substance and style. A jewellery brand synonymous with luxury and finesse, an Obari jewel is a statement jewel!

With Opuline Jewellery, every glamourous jewel is sustainably as well as ethically sourced and handcrafted by skilled jewellery artisans! A marriage of Eastern motifs and European savoir faire, Opuline Jewellery is sensual and spellbinding, just like the goddess inside the woman who wears these pieces.

Jwaher Jewels takes its inspiration from traditional Saudi cultural motifs but translates them into modern, edgy jewels that have been handcrafted in the Kingdom with utmost care and precision.

Klaudyna Rzad London is all about simplicity done with finesse. Pure forms, clean lines and superlative Italian craftsmanship lend themselves to Klaudnya Rzad jewels, creating contemporary masterpieces that are imbued with charm.

So, if you are in Geneva in the middle of November, the Amanqi Pop-Up should be high on your list of must-visit destinations.


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