Alexia Gryllaki: When Gemmology meets Fine Art

Alexia Gryllaki’s Lyrical One-of-A-Stone Fine Jewellery Collection

The portrait of Alexia Grillaki

Fine jewellery designer Alexia Gryllaki is on a jewellery mission-to break down the barriers that separate precious from semi-precious gemstones. In that, she has been more than successful. Alexia’s eponymous fine jewellery brand crafts jewellery pieces that are at once poetic in their composition and geometrically inclined in their design. However, as a gemmologist, the heart of each of her one-of-a-kind fine jewellery pieces is the gemstones she uses, precious alongside semi-precious, showcased in a way that highlights their unique appeal.

One-Of-A-Stone Collection, Alexia Grillaki

An award-winning jewellery designer and a trained gemmologist, Alexia's path to jewellery creation took a few detours along the way, although in hindsight, even they seem very intuitive. Alexia has an under-graduate degree in Philosophy and History of Science and a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance. Nevertheless, she left the world of academia and banking in 2012 to complete her jewellery design and gemmology education from GIA London. Since then, she has never looked back. These days Alexia divides her time between London and Athens. Finding the extraordinary in what others would dismiss as nothing more than ordinary, she draws inspiration for her jewellery pieces from everyday things that she observes around her-flora, fauna, architecture and especially fine art.