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A Jewellery Brand with an Extra Sparkle: Up-and-Coming Jewellery Designer to Look Out For

No matter what your aesthetic is, whether it's more statement than simplistic, I know how thrilling discovering new jewellery brands can be. If, like me, you want your Facebook or Instagram feed to be full of sparkling jewels and inspiring designs then look no further: Meet Susana Grau Batlle who never stopped evolving and finally grew into a designer with a mission, namely to create meaningful beauty.

"The Mother of Mothers" is the first one-of-kind official collection of Susana Grau Batlle.

Long before Susana Grau Batlle and her eponymous brand became a fixture in the world of fine jewellery, she flourished in the world of international development and humanitarian affairs for over two decades. “Multifaceted” neatly describes both Susana’s career and her jewellery aesthetic. Not often you have seen a life journey so rich of purposeful experiences – from handcrafting her earth-inspired jewels to serving in a wide range of assignments in the most challenging environments worldwide.

Launched in 2021, Susana Grau Batlle isn’t just another jewellery trademark – it’s truly a meaningful experience of beauty. The brand reflects a deep appreciation of elegance, charm, beauty and ethical practices. Everything we make has an impact on the planet and there is no way around this. Susana, a well-rounded woman in many cultures and countries, her artistic inspiration comes from this unique, unusual and fascinating pathway. She sees beauty as a holistic experience where everything is intimately interconnected, and beauty is conceived as a whole.

“The Mother of Mothers” is one of Susana's favourite collections to date. It is the first truly unique and one-of-kind official collection of Susana Grau Batlle, paying an ode to the earth in celebration of its creation and its feminine force and soul. In Susana’s words; “Earth mothers five physical kingdoms, and as such there are five representations of their existence in the collection”. The Collection is designed to be creative, bold and sleek but wearable, quietly extravagant for every day yet simultaneously recalls the beauty of nature with the perfection in the quality of the master craftsmanship.

"The Mother of Mothers" is the first one-of-kind official collection of Susana Grau Batlle.

For jewellery lovers and for those who care about conscious luxury options, Susana’s first release “The Mother of Mothers” could not be more perfect. Possessing an organic aesthetic that emulates the planet, the collection entails signature pieces embellished with 37 diamonds, 24 tsavorites, one garnet mandarin, one tanzanite, one rubellite and seven zircons. Every gem used in this high jewellery line is ethically sourced, carefully selected, meticulously cut and polished to reflect light with perfect intensity and vivacity, the gems are a reflection of eternity. Beautiful in every way.


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