A First Look at Buccellati’s Haute Couture 2021 High Jewellery Collection

Timeless Elegance and Exceptional Savoir Faire

Buccellati’s brand new pieces for the virtual Haute Couture 2021 catwalks are nothing if not show-stopping. This year Buccellati’s offering of nine high jewellery pieces is based on their classic honeycomb and open-work patterns showcased with a very contemporary verve. The House prides itself on its unstinting dedication to excellence in savoir faire, the use of extraordinary gems and on carving white and yellow gold in delicate, lace-like patterns. The jewellery pieces in the Haute Couture 2021 collection have all been handcrafted using the same traditional goldsmithing techniques as were employed in 1919, the year the Maison was established, while still incorporating the style of today. Known for his exquisite taste and pioneering vision for jewellery, Andrea Buccellati, Creative Director at Buccellati, oversaw the collection down to its tiniest details and the results are superlative.

The highlight of this collection, to my eyes, is the “Polvere di Luna” (Moon Powder) set comprising of a light, openwork bib necklace and matching cocktail pendant earrings. Brilliant cut diamonds are set in groups of sculpted white gold leaves and griffe mountings of yellow gold are set with rose-cut diamonds. Just the name is enough to conjure up an image of shimmering beauty but these pieces go even beyond. The fluid mix of white and yellow gold, so quintessentially Buccellati, makes this set timeless and yet very modern.

“Polvere di Luna” (Moon Powder) necklace 212 round brilliant-cut diamonds cts. 7,22 and 92 rose-cut diamonds cts. 10,74 and matching cocktail pendant earrings, 54 rose-cut diamonds cts. 4,87, 124 round brilliant-cut diamonds cts. 2,51

The “Polvere di Luna” flexible bracelet is a work of art in itself. While it can be paired with "Polvere di Luna" necklace and earrings, it can also be a stand alone piece. The flexible bracelet has the same openwork white gold leaves’ motif, adorned with brilliant cut and rose-cut diamonds, set in yellow gold griffe mountings. However, the craftsmanship here goes even further. The bracelet literally drapes around the wrist, with an almost silk-like feel to its contours, the result of hours upon hours of very precise and skilled craftsmanship.

Griffe mountings in yellow gold, “rigato” engraved, set with rose-cut diamonds. Shiny beads in yellow gold.

200 round brilliant-cut diamonds cts. 3,29 80 rose-cut diamonds cts. 9,82